statisticsInHTML.xq Example File

    <title>Generated statistics</title>
    <p>In total the tree has {count($root//QObject)} QObject instances.</p>
    <p>Order by occurrence, the QObjects are:</p>

      for $i in $root/preceding-sibling::metaObjects/metaObject
      let $count := count($root//QObject[@className eq $i/@className])
      stable order by $count descending
      return if($count > 1)
             then <li>{string($i/@className), $count} occurrences</li>
             else ()

      (: For each QObject, we create a table listing
       : the properties of that object. :)
      for $object in $root//QObject
        return (<h2>{let $name := string($object/@objectName)
                     return if(string-length($name))
                            then $name
                            else "[no name]",
                     '(', string($object/@className), ')'}</h2>,
                <table border="1">
                      <td>Property Name</td>
                                   then string(.)
                                   else "N/A"

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