QWindowsWindowFunctions Class

The QWindowsWindowFunctions class is an inline class containing miscellaneous functionality for Windows window specific functionality. More...

Header: #include <QWindowsWindowFunctions>
Since: Qt 5.5

Public Types

typedef SetTouchWindowTouchType
enum TouchWindowTouchType { NormalTouch, FineTouch, WantPalmTouch }
flags TouchWindowTouchTypes

Static Public Members

void setTouchWindowTouchType(QWindow * window, TouchWindowTouchTypes type)
const QByteArray setTouchWindowTouchTypeIdentifier()

Detailed Description

The QWindowsWindowFunctions class is an inline class containing miscellaneous functionality for Windows window specific functionality.

A common usage pattern is as follows:

int main(int argc, char **argv)
    QApplication app(argc, argv);

    QPushButton topLevelWidget("Hello World!");
    topLevelWidget.winId(); //have to create the QWindow

    QWindow *tlwWindow = topLevelWidget.windowHandle();

    QWindowsWindowFunctions::setTouchWindowTouchType(tlwWindow, QWindowsWindowFunctions::WantPalmTouch);


    return app.exec();

Note: There is no binary compatibility guarantee for this class, meaning that an application using it is only guaranteed to work with the Qt version it was developed against.

Member Type Documentation

typedef QWindowsWindowFunctions::SetTouchWindowTouchType

This is the typedef for the function returned by QGuiApplication::platformFunction when passed setTouchWindowTouchTypeIdentifier.

enum QWindowsWindowFunctions::TouchWindowTouchType
flags QWindowsWindowFunctions::TouchWindowTouchTypes

This enum represents the supported TouchWindow touch flags for RegisterTouchWindow().


The TouchWindowTouchTypes type is a typedef for QFlags<TouchWindowTouchType>. It stores an OR combination of TouchWindowTouchType values.

Member Function Documentation

[static] void QWindowsWindowFunctions::setTouchWindowTouchType(QWindow * window, TouchWindowTouchTypes type)

This is a convenience function that can be used directly instead of resolving the function pointer. window and type will be relayed to the function retrieved by QGuiApplication

[static] const QByteArray QWindowsWindowFunctions::setTouchWindowTouchTypeIdentifier()

This function returns the bytearray that can be used to query QGuiApplication::platformFunction to retrieve the SetTouchWindowTouchType function.

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