What's New in Qt 5.0

Qt Core Changes


QStandardPaths is a more powerful version of QDesktopServices that was present in Qt 4. Modeled after KStandardDirs from KDE 4, it contains additional features such as searching for all occurrences of a given file in the storage locations.

Compile-time Checks for Signal-slot Connections

QObject now supports an additional syntax for connecting signals to slots, which forces the compiler to check whether the signal and the receiver exist and their arguments are compatible.

This syntax allows connecting a signal to any kind of C++ receiver, including C++11 lambdas, member functions, or static functions. The receivers no longer need to be declared as slots, but such declarations are still recommended for readability.

See Differences between String-Based and Functor-Based Connections for more details.

Perl-Compatible Regular Expressions

QRegularExpression is introduced to provide better support for regular expressions compatible with Perl. This class is more powerful and faster than QRegExp, and supports more features such as lazy and possessive quantifiers, lookbehinds, named capturing groups, and iteration of matches.

Qt GUI Changes

New Classes for Windowing and Rendering

A new set of enabler classes have been added, most importantly QWindow, QScreen, QSurfaceFormat, and QOpenGLContext. These are now used as backends for the Qt Widgets module and by l{Qt Quick} 2.

OpenGL Classes

Most of the useful l{Qt OpenGL} classes have been polished and moved into Qt GUI. A few important ones are, QOpenGLFramebufferObject, QOpenGLShaderProgram, QOpenGLFunctions, and so on. For the complete list, refer to Qt GUI C++ Classes.

This change introduces QOpenGLContext as a replacement for QGLContext. This replacement class is more generic and decoupled from QWindow, making it to support more use cases such as using the same context for multiple surfaces.


Instead of having QWindow and QOpenGLFramebufferObject be subclasses of QPaintDevice, you can now use QOpenGLPaintDevice. This new alternative can be created on the stack, makes it easier and flexible to render into the currently bound context using QPainter.

Qt Network Changes


It is now possible to lookup DNS records using the new QDnsLookup API. This does not replace QHostInfo, which is still the API to be used for resolving a host name to an IP address. QDnsLookup is mainly used for other types of DNS record, such as SRV, TXT and MX.

Note: This new class replaces the Q3Dns API, which is removed in Qt 5.

Better Support for IPv6 and Dual-mode Networks

Most applications using host names and network layer transparent protocols, will now gain IPv6 support transparently. This means, QTcpServer and QUdpSocket bound to QHostAddress::Any can now receive both IPv4 and IPv6 connections, although, QHostAddress::AnyIPv4 and QHostAddress::AnyIPv6 can be used to bind to only one protocol.

Outgoing http connections using QNetworkAccessManager will now attempt both IPv4 and IPv6 connections in parallel, and use the one that succeeds first.

Binding TCP Sockets

QTcpSocket can be bound to an IP address before connecting, which is useful for limiting connection to a specific interface in a multi-homed environment.

SSL Certificates

SSL certificate extensions can now be accessed to enable further development of SSL support in Qt.

Developers can also verify an SSL certificate chain programatically now.

Workarounds for Buggy SSL Servers

The QSsl::SslOption enum now allows a QSslSocket-based code to access legacy systems by enabling bug workarounds.

Note: This change is also back-ported to Qt 4.8.

Support for Opaque Private Keys

This allows applications to read private keys from devices such as PKCS#11 dongles, as illustrated by the qsslkey example

Qt QML Changes

This is a new module in Qt 5 that provides the QML engine and the backend infrastructure.

QML Engine

  • V8 JavaScript engine
  • Various parser and compiler optimizations have been implemented along with the new bindings optimizer.
  • Loading/compilation can now be performed in a separate thread. This can be enabled by loading a loader object asynchronously through its source property, or by passing the Component.Asynchronous parameter to Qt.createComponent().
  • New QQmlEngine::trimComponentCache() function safely discards unused data in the engine’s component cache to free memory.

Type System

  • New var property type can hold JavaScript references.
  • QML properties of type var and variant can now hold pixmaps.
  • Value type improvements:
    • QColor is now a value type. The red, green, blue and alpha channels of a “color” property can now be accessed using “r”, “g”, “b” and “a” properties.
    • Improved support for QVector4D, now constructible in QML using Qt.vector4d().
  • Support for certain sequence types (QList<int>, QList<qreal>, QList<bool>, QList<QUrl>, QList<QString> and QStringList) has been improved. QObjects can define Q_PROPERTYs of these types which can be accessed from JavaScript.


  • JavaScript (.js) files can now import QML modules and other JavaScript files using the “import” statement.
  • QQmlExpression can now be constructed directly (and more efficiently) from a QQmlScriptString.
  • The component returned by Qt.createComponent() is no longer the owned by the engine. Be sure to hold a reference,or provide a parent.

Qt Quick Changes

This is a new module in Qt 5 which provides the visual canvas and scenegraph backend as well as the QtQuick QML module for QML-based application development.

The module replaces the QDeclarative* equivalents in QtQuick 1 with the following:

See Qt Quick C++ Classes for the complete list.

The QtQuick 2.0 QML module is a major update, and the following sections outline the features that come with it:

New Graphics Architecture

  • Qt Quick 2.0 uses a dedicated OpenGL (ES) 2.0 based Qt Quick Scene Graph scene graph for all its rendering.

Visual and Graphic Types

  • New Canvas type for drawing, provides a HTML5 canvas-like API along with the following additional features:
    • Two render targets: Canvas::Image{Canvas.Image} and Canvas::FrameBufferObject{Canvas.FramebufferObject}.
    • Background thread rendering.
    • Tiled canvas rendering.
    • Support for most of the HTML5 context2d APIs.
  • Image type now has:



  • Text:
    • AutoText format now switches to StyledText instead of RichText.
    • lineLaidOut signal is emitted for every line during the layout process to give the option of positioning and/or resizing text as they are laid out.
    • doLayout() method can now trigger the text layout from JavaScript.
    • ElideRight to support text that spans multiple lines.
    • fontSizeMode property now supports wrapping the text to the item size.
    • minimumPixelSize and minimumPointSize properties can be used to specify a lower bound when auto-fitting.
  • TextEdit::textFormat{TextEdit.textFormat} property now defaults to PlainText instead of AutoText.
  • TextInput now has wrapMode and verticalAlignment properties.
  • TextInput.positionAt() now takes y value.

User Input

  • New MultiPointTouchArea type can process multi-point touches and provide information about the touch points including position, pressure and velocity.
  • MouseArea type now:
    • Propagates wheel events.
    • Propagates clicked, doubleClicked and pressAndHold events differently to pressed. These events are propagated to the handler of the topmost MouseArea in the stack-order.
    • Can ignore the propagated events using the propagateComposedEvents. Such ignored events are propagated to the next MouseArea handler in the stack-order.

Specialized Containers

  • Flickable type now has:
    • a new rebound property that enables you to specify the transition type for the bounce back animation.
    • New topMargin, bottomMargin, leftMargin, and rightMargin properties allow extra margin space to be specified. This is useful to implement the pull-to-refresh functionality for a list.
    • New xOrigin and yOrigin properties provide the top left position of the content item.
    • New dragging, draggingHorizontally, and draggingVertically properties that provide information when the flickable area is dragged.


The following features are related to Row, Column, Grid, and Flow types:

  • The “add” and “move” transitions can now access the ViewTransition attached property, and also animate arbitrary item properties (instead of being restricted to animating an item’s position).
  • New Positioner.index, Positioner.isFirstItem and Positioner.isLastItem attached properties for items within a positioner.
  • The Grid type has new rowSpacing and columnSpacing properties.
  • All spacing properties on positioners now use real numbers instead of integers.

Models and Views

  • ListView and GridView:
    • Transitions can be specified to animate the adding, removing and moving of items in a view. For details, see ViewTransition, ListView.add, ListView.addDisplaced, GridView.add, and GridView.addDisplaced.
    • New verticalLayoutDirection property enables items to be laid out from bottom-to-top using the BottomToTop enum value.
    • The cacheBuffer property now has a non-zero default and delegates in the cacheBuffer are created asynchronously.
    • New headerItem and footerItem properties provide access to the instantiated header and footer items.
    • RightToLeft layout now also reverses the preferredHighlightBegin and preferredHighlightEnd.
  • ListView's new section.labelPositioning property can fix the current section label to the start of the view, and the next section label to the end of the view, so that labels do not scroll while section items are still in view.
  • PathView has two new properties, curretnItem and maximumFlickVelocity.

Particles System Support

The new QtQuick.Particles 2.0 module provides support for the composition of a variety of 2D particle systems. See Using the Qt Quick Particle System for more details.

Utility Types

  • New PathArc, PathCurve and PathSvg types:
    • PathArc and PathCurve support the construction of arcs and catmull-rom curves, respectively. PathSvg supports the construction of a path from an SVG string.
  • Loader:
    • New asynchronous property allows components to be instantiated with a lower chance of blocking. With the asynchronous property set to true, the component is compiled in a background thread.
    • New active property delays instantiation of a Loader object’s item.
    • New setSource(JSObject) method to specify initial property values for the loaded item, similar to Component::createObject {Component.createObject()}.
    • sourceChanged signal is now only emitted when the source changes and the sourceComponentChanged signal is now emitted when the sourceComponent is changed. Ealier, these signals were emitted by the Loader only when one of the two properties had changed.
    • Loader type can now be used as a value source, and it can restore any previously set binding if its "when" clause becomes false.

Qt Multimedia Changes

Qt Multimedia is an essential module replacing the QtMultimedia library and Qt MultimediaKit mobility API in Qt 4.8. It features full support for Audio and Video playback, and recording. Support for web cameras is integrated.

Qt Multimedia uses the system’s native multimedia engine as a backend, and does not come with its own audio or video codecs. Thus the supported list of codecs is equivalent to the ones supported by the underlying OS.

It uses DirectShow and WMF on Windows, AVFoundation on Mac and gstreamer on Linux.

New Classes and Functions

The section provides a comprehensive list of all new classes and functions introduced in Qt 5.

New Classes

New Member Functions

Class QDBusPendingCall:

void swap(QDBusPendingCall & other)

Class QLibraryInfo:

bool isDebugBuild()

Class QDebug:

bool autoInsertSpaces() const
void setAutoInsertSpaces(bool b)
void swap(QDebug & other)

Class QDir:

bool removeRecursively()
void swap(QDir & other)

Class QFileInfo:

bool isNativePath() const
void swap(QFileInfo & other)

Class QProcessEnvironment:

void swap(QProcessEnvironment & other)

Class QProcess:

QStringList arguments() const
QString program() const

Class QUrl:

void setQuery(const QUrlQuery & query)
QString toDisplayString(FormattingOptions options = FormattingOptions( PrettyDecoded )) const

Class QPersistentModelIndex:

void swap(QPersistentModelIndex & other)

Class QAbstractItemModel:

void layoutAboutToBeChanged(const QList<QPersistentModelIndex> & parents = QList<QPersistentModelIndex> (), QAbstractItemModel::LayoutChangeHint hint = QAbstractItemModel::NoLayoutChangeHint)
void layoutChanged(const QList<QPersistentModelIndex> & parents = QList<QPersistentModelIndex> (), QAbstractItemModel::LayoutChangeHint hint = QAbstractItemModel::NoLayoutChangeHint)

Class QAbstractEventDispatcher:

bool filterNativeEvent(const QByteArray & eventType, void * message, long * result)
void installNativeEventFilter(QAbstractNativeEventFilter * filterObj)
void removeNativeEventFilter(QAbstractNativeEventFilter * filter)

Class QCoreApplication:

void installNativeEventFilter(QAbstractNativeEventFilter * filterObj)
void removeNativeEventFilter(QAbstractNativeEventFilter * filterObject)

Class QMetaMethod:

QMetaMethod fromSignal(PointerToMemberFunction signal)
bool isValid() const
QByteArray methodSignature() const
QByteArray name() const
int parameterCount() const
int parameterType(int index) const
int returnType() const

Class QMetaType:

void * construct(int type, void * where, const void * copy)
void * construct(void * where, const void * copy = 0) const
void * create(const void * copy = 0) const
void destroy(void * data) const
void destruct(int type, void * where)
void destruct(void * data) const
TypeFlags flags() const
bool isRegistered() const
bool isValid() const
const QMetaObject * metaObjectForType(int type)
int sizeOf(int type)
int sizeOf() const
TypeFlags typeFlags(int type)

Class QObject:

virtual void connectNotify(const QMetaMethod & signal)
virtual void disconnectNotify(const QMetaMethod & signal)
QList<T> findChildren(const QRegularExpression & re, Qt::FindChildOptions options = Qt::FindChildrenRecursively) const
bool isSignalConnected(const QMetaMethod & signal) const

Class QPointer:

void clear()

Class QMetaObject:

bool checkConnectArgs(const QMetaMethod & signal, const QMetaMethod & method)

Class QVariant:

QJsonArray toJsonArray() const
QJsonDocument toJsonDocument() const
QJsonObject toJsonObject() const
QJsonValue toJsonValue() const
QModelIndex toModelIndex() const
QRegularExpression toRegularExpression() const
QUuid toUuid() const

Class QUuid:

QUuid createUuidV3(const QUuid & ns, const QByteArray & baseData)
QUuid createUuidV3(const QUuid & ns, const QString & baseData)
QUuid createUuidV5(const QUuid & ns, const QByteArray & baseData)
QUuid createUuidV5(const QUuid & ns, const QString & baseData)

Class QMutex:

bool isRecursive()

Class QThread:

QAbstractEventDispatcher * eventDispatcher() const
void setEventDispatcher(QAbstractEventDispatcher * eventDispatcher)

Class QByteArray:

const_iterator cbegin() const
const_iterator cend() const

Class QChar:

bool hasMirrored(uint ucs4)
bool isDigit(uint ucs4)
bool isLetter(uint ucs4)
bool isLetterOrNumber(uint ucs4)
bool isLower(uint ucs4)
bool isMark(uint ucs4)
bool isNonCharacter() const
bool isNonCharacter(uint ucs4)
bool isNumber(uint ucs4)
bool isPrint(uint ucs4)
bool isPunct(uint ucs4)
bool isSpace(uint ucs4)
bool isSurrogate() const
bool isSurrogate(uint ucs4)
bool isSymbol(uint ucs4)
bool isTitleCase(uint ucs4)
bool isUpper(uint ucs4)

Class QCryptographicHash:

bool addData(QIODevice * device)

Class QEasingCurve:

void swap(QEasingCurve & other)
QVector<QPointF> toCubicSpline() const

Class QDateTime:

void swap(QDateTime & other)

Class QLinkedList:

const_iterator cbegin() const
const_iterator cend() const

Class QHash:

const_iterator cbegin() const
const_iterator cend() const

Class QList:

const_iterator cbegin() const
const_iterator cend() const

Class QMap:

const_iterator cbegin() const
const_iterator cend() const

Class QSet:

const_iterator cbegin() const
const_iterator cend() const

Class QSize:

QSize scaled(int width, int height, Qt::AspectRatioMode mode) const
QSize scaled(const QSize & s, Qt::AspectRatioMode mode) const
QSize transposed() const

Class QSharedPointer:

void reset()
void reset(T * t)
void reset(T * t, Deleter deleter)

Class QString:

QString & append(const QChar * str, int len)
const_iterator cbegin() const
const_iterator cend() const
bool contains(const QRegularExpression & re) const
int count(const QRegularExpression & re) const
QString fromLatin1(const QByteArray & str)
QString fromLocal8Bit(const QByteArray & str)
QString fromUtf8(const QByteArray & str)
int indexOf(const QRegularExpression & re, int from = 0) const
int lastIndexOf(const QRegularExpression & re, int from = -1) const
QString & remove(const QRegularExpression & re)
QString & replace(const QRegularExpression & re, const QString & after)
QString section(const QRegularExpression & re, int start, int end = -1, SectionFlags flags = SectionDefault) const
QStringList split(const QRegularExpression & re, SplitBehavior behavior = KeepEmptyParts) const
QString toHtmlEscaped() const

Class QLatin1String:

bool operator!=(const QByteArray & other) const
bool operator<(const QByteArray & other) const
bool operator<=(const QByteArray & other) const
bool operator==(const QByteArray & other) const
bool operator>(const QByteArray & other) const
bool operator>=(const QByteArray & other) const

Class QSizeF:

QSizeF scaled(qreal width, qreal height, Qt::AspectRatioMode mode) const
QSizeF scaled(const QSizeF & s, Qt::AspectRatioMode mode) const
QSizeF transposed() const

Class QStringList:

QStringList filter(const QRegularExpression & re) const
int indexOf(const QRegularExpression & re, int from = 0) const
QString join(QChar separator) const
int lastIndexOf(const QRegularExpression & re, int from = -1) const
QStringList & replaceInStrings(const QRegularExpression & re, const QString & after)

Class QVarLengthArray:

T & back()
const T & back() const
const_iterator cbegin() const
const_iterator cend() const
bool empty() const
T & front()
const T & front() const
int length() const
void pop_back()
void push_back(const T & t)

Class QVector:

const_iterator cbegin() const
const_iterator cend() const

Class QNetworkAccessManager:

Class QNetworkCookie:

void normalize(const QUrl & url)
bool operator==(const QNetworkCookie & other) const
void swap(QNetworkCookie & other)

Class QNetworkReply:

virtual void ignoreSslErrorsImplementation(const QList<QSslError> & errors)
virtual void setSslConfigurationImplementation(const QSslConfiguration & configuration)
virtual void sslConfigurationImplementation(QSslConfiguration & configuration) const

Class QNetworkCookieJar:

virtual bool deleteCookie(const QNetworkCookie & cookie)
virtual bool insertCookie(const QNetworkCookie & cookie)
virtual bool updateCookie(const QNetworkCookie & cookie)
virtual bool validateCookie(const QNetworkCookie & cookie, const QUrl & url) const

Class QNetworkRequest:

void swap(QNetworkRequest & other)

Class QDBusUnixFileDescriptor:

void swap(QDBusUnixFileDescriptor & other)

Class QDrag:

QPixmap dragCursor(Qt::DropAction action) const

Class QMouseEvent:

const QPointF & localPos() const
const QPointF & screenPos() const
const QPointF & windowPos() const

Class QGuiApplication:

bool isSavingSession() const

Class TouchPoint:

QVector<QPointF> rawScreenPositions() const

Class QPalette:

void swap(QPalette & other)

Class QRegion:

bool isNull() const

Class QFont:

void removeSubstitutions(const QString & familyName)
void swap(QFont & other)

Class QFontMetrics:

void swap(QFontMetrics & other)

Class QFontInfo:

void swap(QFontInfo & other)

Class QFontMetricsF:

void swap(QFontMetricsF & other)

Class QGlyphRun:

QRectF boundingRect() const
GlyphRunFlags flags() const
bool isEmpty() const
bool isRightToLeft() const
void setBoundingRect(const QRectF & boundingRect)
void setFlag(GlyphRunFlag flag, bool enabled = true)
void setFlags(GlyphRunFlags flags)
void setRightToLeft(bool rightToLeft)
void swap(QGlyphRun & other)

Class QStaticText:

void swap(QStaticText & other)

Class QRawFont:

QRectF boundingRect(quint32 glyphIndex) const
void swap(QRawFont & other)

Class QPlatformFontDatabase:

virtual QFont defaultFont() const
virtual bool fontsAlwaysScalable() const
virtual QList<int> standardSizes() const

Class QTextCursor:

void swap(QTextCursor & other)

Class QTextFormat:

void swap(QTextFormat & other)

Class QTextCharFormat:

QFont::SpacingType fontLetterSpacingType() const
int fontStretch() const
void setFontLetterSpacingType(QFont::SpacingType letterSpacingType)
void setFontStretch(int factor)

Class QTextLine:

QList<QGlyphRun> glyphRuns(int from = -1, int length = -1) const

Class QNetworkCacheMetaData:

void swap(QNetworkCacheMetaData & other)

Class QHttpPart:

void swap(QHttpPart & other)

Class QSqlDriver:

void notification(const QString & name, QSqlDriver::NotificationSource source, const QVariant & payload)

Class QSqlTableModel:

bool isDirty() const
QSqlRecord record(int row) const
virtual bool selectRow(int row)

Class QNetworkSession:

void usagePoliciesChanged(QNetworkSession::UsagePolicies usagePolicies)

Class QNetworkConfiguration:

void swap(QNetworkConfiguration & other)

Class QHostAddress:

bool isLoopback() const

Class QNetworkAddressEntry:

void swap(QNetworkAddressEntry & other)

Class QNetworkInterface:

void swap(QNetworkInterface & other)

Class QNetworkProxyQuery:

void swap(QNetworkProxyQuery & other)

Class QAbstractSocket:

bool bind(const QHostAddress & address, quint16 port = 0, BindMode mode = DefaultForPlatform)
bool bind(quint16 port = 0, BindMode mode = DefaultForPlatform)
PauseModes pauseMode() const
virtual void resume()
void setPauseMode(PauseModes pauseMode)

Class QNetworkProxy:

bool hasRawHeader(const QByteArray & headerName) const
QVariant header(QNetworkRequest::KnownHeaders header) const
QByteArray rawHeader(const QByteArray & headerName) const
QList<QByteArray> rawHeaderList() const
void setHeader(QNetworkRequest::KnownHeaders header, const QVariant & value)
void setRawHeader(const QByteArray & headerName, const QByteArray & headerValue)
void swap(QNetworkProxy & other)

Class QLocalServer:

bool listen(qintptr socketDescriptor)
SocketOptions socketOptions() const

Class QTcpServer:

void acceptError(QAbstractSocket::SocketError socketError)
void pauseAccepting()
void resumeAccepting()

Class QSslCipher:

void swap(QSslCipher & other)

Class QSslCertificate:

QList<QSslCertificateExtension> extensions() const
QList<QByteArray> issuerInfoAttributes() const
QList<QByteArray> subjectInfoAttributes() const
void swap(QSslCertificate & other)
QString toText() const
QList<QSslError> verify(const QList<QSslCertificate> & certificateChain, const QString & hostName = QString())

Class QSslConfiguration:

void swap(QSslConfiguration & other)

Class QSslError:

void swap(QSslError & other)

Class QSslSocket:

virtual void resume()
long sslLibraryVersionNumber()
QString sslLibraryVersionString()

Class QSslKey:

void swap(QSslKey & other)

Class QPrinterInfo:

QString description() const
QString location() const
QString makeAndModel() const
QPrinterInfo printerInfo(const QString & printerName)

Class QSignalSpy:

bool wait(int timeout = 5000)

Class QColorDialog:

QColor standardColor(int index)

Class QTouchEventSequence:

QTouchEventSequence & move(int touchId, const QPoint & pt, QWindow * window = 0)
QTouchEventSequence & press(int touchId, const QPoint & pt, QWindow * window = 0)
QTouchEventSequence & release(int touchId, const QPoint & pt, QWindow * window = 0)

Class QAbstractItemDelegate:

virtual void destroyEditor(QWidget * editor, const QModelIndex & index) const

Class QHeaderView:

ResizeMode sectionResizeMode(int logicalIndex) const
bool sectionsClickable() const
bool sectionsMovable() const
void setSectionResizeMode(ResizeMode mode)
void setSectionResizeMode(int logicalIndex, ResizeMode mode)
void setSectionsClickable(bool clickable)
void setSectionsMovable(bool movable)

Class QWidget:

QBackingStore * backingStore() const
QPixmap grab(const QRect & rectangle = QRect( QPoint( 0, 0 ), QSize( -1, -1 ) ))
virtual bool hasHeightForWidth() const
QWindow * windowHandle() const

Class QComboBox:

void currentTextChanged(const QString & text)

Class QCameraExposureControl:

virtual QVariant actualValue(ExposureParameter parameter) const = 0
void actualValueChanged(int parameter)
virtual bool isParameterSupported(ExposureParameter parameter) const = 0
void parameterRangeChanged(int parameter)
virtual QVariant requestedValue(ExposureParameter parameter) const = 0
void requestedValueChanged(int parameter)
virtual bool setValue(ExposureParameter parameter, const QVariant & value) = 0
virtual QVariantList supportedParameterRange(ExposureParameter parameter, bool * continuous) const = 0

Class QCameraFeedbackControl:

virtual bool isEventFeedbackEnabled(EventType event) const = 0
virtual bool isEventFeedbackLocked(EventType event) const = 0
virtual void resetEventFeedback(EventType event) = 0
virtual bool setEventFeedbackEnabled(EventType event, bool enabled) = 0
virtual bool setEventFeedbackSound(EventType event, const QString & filePath) = 0

Class QRotationReading:

void setFromEuler(qreal x, qreal y, qreal z)

Class QSensor:

bool isFeatureSupported(Feature feature) const

Class QSensorBackend:

virtual bool isFeatureSupported(QSensor::Feature feature) const

Class QDesignerFormWindowInterface:

void activateResourceFilePaths(const QStringList & paths, int * errorCount = 0, QString * errorMessages = 0)
QStringList activeResourceFilePaths() const
virtual QStringList checkContents() const = 0
virtual QWidget * formContainer() const = 0

Class QDesignerFormWindowManagerInterface:

virtual QAction * action(Action action) const = 0
virtual QActionGroup * actionGroup(ActionGroup actionGroup) const = 0
virtual void closeAllPreviews() = 0
virtual void showPluginDialog() = 0
virtual void showPreview() = 0

Class QDesignerContainerExtension:

virtual bool canAddWidget() const
virtual bool canRemove(int index) const

Class QDesignerPropertySheetExtension:

virtual bool isEnabled(int index) const

Class QAbstractFormBuilder:

QString errorString() const

Class QUiLoader:

QString errorString() const

New Functions in Namespaces

void keyClick(QWindow * window, char key, Qt::KeyboardModifiers modifier = Qt::NoModifier, int delay = -1)
void keyClick(QWindow * window, Qt::Key key, Qt::KeyboardModifiers modifier = Qt::NoModifier, int delay = -1)
void keyEvent(KeyAction action, QWindow * window, Qt::Key key, Qt::KeyboardModifiers modifier = Qt::NoModifier, int delay = -1)
void keyEvent(KeyAction action, QWindow * window, char ascii, Qt::KeyboardModifiers modifier = Qt::NoModifier, int delay = -1)
void keyPress(QWindow * window, Qt::Key key, Qt::KeyboardModifiers modifier = Qt::NoModifier, int delay = -1)
void keyPress(QWindow * window, char key, Qt::KeyboardModifiers modifier = Qt::NoModifier, int delay = -1)
void keyRelease(QWindow * window, Qt::Key key, Qt::KeyboardModifiers modifier = Qt::NoModifier, int delay = -1)
void keyRelease(QWindow * window, char key, Qt::KeyboardModifiers modifier = Qt::NoModifier, int delay = -1)
void mouseClick(QWindow * window, Qt::MouseButton button, Qt::KeyboardModifiers stateKey = 0, QPoint pos = QPoint(), int delay = -1)
void mouseDClick(QWindow * window, Qt::MouseButton button, Qt::KeyboardModifiers stateKey = 0, QPoint pos = QPoint(), int delay = -1)
void mouseMove(QWindow * window, QPoint pos = QPoint(), int delay = -1)
void mousePress(QWindow * window, Qt::MouseButton button, Qt::KeyboardModifiers stateKey = 0, QPoint pos = QPoint(), int delay = -1)
void mouseRelease(QWindow * window, Qt::MouseButton button, Qt::KeyboardModifiers stateKey = 0, QPoint pos = QPoint(), int delay = -1)
bool qWaitForWindowActive(QWidget * widget, int timeout = 1000)
bool qWaitForWindowActive(QWindow * window, int timeout = 5000)
bool qWaitForWindowExposed(QWidget * widget, int timeout = 1000)
bool qWaitForWindowExposed(QWindow * window, int timeout = 5000)
QTouchEventSequence touchEvent(QWindow * window, QTouchDevice * device, bool autoCommit = true)

New Global Functions

bool operator!=(const QMetaMethod & m1, const QMetaMethod & m2)
const QPointF operator+(const QPointF & point)
const QPoint operator+(const QPoint & point)
QDebug operator<<(QDebug debug, const QNetworkProxy & proxy)
bool operator==(const QMetaMethod & m1, const QMetaMethod & m2)
uint qHash(const QPair<T1, T2> & key, uint seed = 0)
uint qHash(const T * key, uint seed = 0)
uint qHash(QLatin1String key, uint seed = 0)
uint qHash(const QBitArray & key, uint seed = 0)
uint qHash(const QStringRef & key, uint seed = 0)
uint qHash(const QString & key, uint seed = 0)
uint qHash(const QByteArray & key, uint seed = 0)
uint qHash(const QChar key, uint seed = 0)
uint qHash(qint64 key, uint seed = 0)
uint qHash(quint64 key, uint seed = 0)
uint qHash(long key, uint seed = 0)
uint qHash(ulong key, uint seed = 0)
uint qHash(int key, uint seed = 0)
uint qHash(uint key, uint seed = 0)
uint qHash(short key, uint seed = 0)
uint qHash(ushort key, uint seed = 0)
uint qHash(signed char key, uint seed = 0)
uint qHash(uchar key, uint seed = 0)
uint qHash(char key, uint seed = 0)
uint qHash(const QTime & key, uint seed = 0)
uint qHash(const QDate & key, uint seed = 0)
uint qHash(const QDateTime & key, uint seed = 0)
uint qHash(const QUuid & uuid, uint seed = 0)
uint qHash(const QPersistentModelIndex & index, uint seed = 0)
uint qHash(const QUrl & url, uint seed = 0)
QtMessageHandler qInstallMessageHandler(QtMessageHandler handler)
void qRegisterStaticPluginFunction(QStaticPlugin plugin)
void qSetMessagePattern(const QString & pattern)

New Macros

QTRY_COMPARE( actual, expected)
QTRY_COMPARE_WITH_TIMEOUT( actual, expected, timeout)
QTRY_VERIFY( condition)
QTRY_VERIFY_WITH_TIMEOUT( condition, timeout)
void Q_ASSUME(bool expr)

New Enum Types

enum BindFlag { ShareAddress, DontShareAddress, ReuseAddressHint, DefaultForPlatform }
enum PauseMode { PauseNever, PauseOnSslErrors }
enum ResourceFileSaveMode { SaveAllResourceFiles, SaveOnlyUsedResourceFiles, DontSaveResourceFiles }
enum Action { CutAction, CopyAction, PasteAction, DeleteAction, ..., FormWindowSettingsDialogAction }
enum ActionGroup { StyledPreviewActionGroup }
enum GlyphRunFlag { Overline, Underline, StrikeOut, RightToLeft, SplitLigature }
enum SocketOption { NoOptions, UserAccessOption, GroupAccessOption, OtherAccessOption, WorldAccessOption }
enum UsagePolicy { NoPolicy, NoBackgroundTrafficPolicy }
enum Feature { Buffering, AlwaysOn, SkipDuplicates, GeoValues, ..., AxesOrientation }
enum ComponentFormattingOption { PrettyDecoded, EncodeSpaces, EncodeUnicode, EncodeDelimiters, ..., FullyDecoded }

New Typedefs

typedef Int
typedef QImageCleanupFunction
typedef QtMessageHandler

New Properties

New QML Types

New QML Properties

New QML Methods


Additions to Other Qt 5 Releases

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