B2Qt Wifi Module

B2Qt.Wifi provides QML types and C++ classes for:

  • Wifi backend handling
  • Retrieval of information from Wifi network access points
  • Wifi connection handling
  • System's network interface configuration
  • Other tasks that allow the device to access network

Writing the Code

Depending on what fits best with the application, you can choose to use either C++ or QML for accessing Wifi functionality. If the majority of the user interface is written in QML, it is recommended that you use the QML types, which provide a simpler and declarative way to handle Wifi networks.

API Reference

QML Types


Used to define a network configuration


Represents a physical device


Main interface to the Wifi functionality

C++ Classes


Used to define a network configuration


Represents a physical device


Enables an application to be Wifi-capable

Available under certain Qt licenses.
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