WifiConfiguration QML Type

Used to define a network configuration. More...

Import Statement: import B2Qt.Wifi 1.0


Detailed Description

WifiConfiguration object represents a single network configuration. Use this object to configure a properties of your network, for example what passphrase and security protocol to use. WifiManager's connect() function takes this object and connects a device to a network that matches the provided configuration.

Property Documentation

passphrase : string

This property holds the passphrase to use for authenticating with a network.

protocol : string

This property holds the security protocols to use for Wifi connection. WPA is used by default if property is not set, supported values are: WPA, WPA2, WEP, WPS.

ssid : string

This property holds informal (human) name of a Wifi network.

ssidHidden : bool

If a Wifi access point does not broadcast its SSID, setting this property to true ensures that the Wifi backend can detect the specified network.

By default this property is set to false.

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