EnginioOAuth2Authentication QML Type

Represents a user that is authenticated directly by the backend using OAuth2 standard. More...

Import Statement: import Enginio 1.0
Since: Qt 5.3
Instantiates: EnginioOAuth2Authentication


Detailed Description

This component can authenticate a user by verifying the user's login and password. The user has to exist in the backend already.

To authenticate an instance of EnginioClient called client such code may be used:

EnginioClient {
    identity: oauth2
EnginioOAuth2Authentication {
    id: oauth2
    user: "userName"
    password: "userPassword"

Setting the identity on the EnginioClient will trigger an asynchronous request, resulting in EnginioClient::authenticationState changing.

See also EnginioClient::authenticationState, EnginioClient::identity, EnginioClient::sessionAuthenticated, EnginioClient::sessionAuthenticationError(), and EnginioClient::sessionTerminated().

Property Documentation

password : string

This property contains the password used for authentication.

user : string

This property contains the user name used for authentication.

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