EnginioReply QML Type

A reply to any Enginio request. More...

Import Statement: import Enginio 1.0
Since: Qt 5.3


Detailed Description

The reply, when finished, contains information received from the server:

  • Data - object, which is a result from an earlier request, see the data function
  • Network status - in case of a network problem, additional information can be accessed through: errorType, errorString, networkError
  • Backend status - a finished request is always associated with a backend status code, which is just an HTTP code, and it can be queried through backendStatus

Property Documentation

backendStatus : int

The backend status code.

data : QJSValue

The data of this reply.

errorString : string

The error message if this reply was an error.

errorType : Enginio::ErrorType

The type of error (if any) of this reply.

isError : bool

The property holds true if this reply has finished with an error, false otherwise.

isFinished : bool

The property holds true if this reply is finished, false otherwise.

networkError : QNetworkReply::NetworkError

The network error (if any).

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