PageIndicator QML Type

A page indicator control. More...

Import Statement: import Qt.labs.controls 1.0



Detailed Description

PageIndicator is used to indicate the currently active page in a container of multiple pages. PageIndicator consists of delegate items that present pages.

PageIndicator {
    count: 5
    currentIndex: 2
    anchors.horizontalCenter: parent.horizontalCenter
    anchors.bottom: parent.bottom

Note: Types in the Qt.labs module are not guaranteed to remain compatible in future versions.

See also SwipeView, Customizing PageIndicator, and Indicator Controls.

Property Documentation

count : int

This property holds the number of pages.

currentIndex : int

This property holds the index of the current page.

delegate : Component

This property holds a delegate that presents a page.

The following properties are available in the context of each delegate:

index : intThe index of the item
pressed : boolWhether the item is pressed

interactive : bool

This property holds whether the control is interactive. An interactive page indicator reacts to presses and automatically changes the current index appropriately.

The default value is false.

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