WebEngineSettings QML Type

Allows configuration of browser properties and attributes. More...

Import Statement: import QtWebEngine 1.2
Since: QtWebEngine 1.1


Detailed Description

The WebEngineSettings type can be used to configure browser properties and generic attributes, such as JavaScript support, focus behavior, and access to remote content. This type is uncreatable, but the default settings for all web engine views can be accessed by using the WebEngine.settings property.

Each web engine view can have individual settings that can be accessed by using the WebEngineView.settings property.

Property Documentation

autoLoadImages : bool

Automatically loads images on web pages.

Enabled by default.

defaultTextEncoding : string

Sets the default encoding. The value must be a string describing an encoding such as "utf-8" or "iso-8859-1".

If left empty, a default value will be used.

This QML property was introduced in QtWebEngine 1.2.

errorPageEnabled : bool

Enables displaying the built-in error pages of Chromium.

Enabled by default.

fullscreenSupportEnabled : bool

Tells the web engine whether fullscreen is supported in this application or not.

Enabled by default.

This QML property was introduced in QtWebEngine 1.2.

hyperlinkAuditingEnabled : bool

Enables support for the ping attribute for hyperlinks.

Disabled by default.

javascriptCanAccessClipboard : bool

Allows JavaScript programs to read from or write to the clipboard.

Disabled by default.

javascriptCanOpenWindows : bool

Allows JavaScript programs to open popup windows without user interaction.

Enabled by default.

javascriptEnabled : bool

Enables the running of JavaScript programs.

Enabled by default.

linksIncludedInFocusChain : bool

Includes hyperlinks in the keyboard focus chain.

Enabled by default.

localContentCanAccessFileUrls : bool

Allows locally loaded documents to access other local URLs.

Enabled by default.

localContentCanAccessRemoteUrls : bool

Allows locally loaded documents to access remote URLs.

Disabled by default.

localStorageEnabled : bool

Enables support for the HTML 5 local storage feature.

Enabled by default.

pluginsEnabled : bool

Enables support for Pepper plugins, such as the Flash player.

Disabled by default.

See also Pepper Plugin API.

spatialNavigationEnabled : bool

Enables the Spatial Navigation feature, which means the ability to navigate between focusable elements, such as hyperlinks and form controls, on a web page by using the Left, Right, Up and Down arrow keys.

For example, if a user presses the Right key, heuristics determine whether there is an element they might be trying to reach towards the right and which element they probably want.

Disabled by default.

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