Qt3DCore Namespace

Contains classes that are the foundation for Qt 3D simulation framework, as well as classes that provide the ability to render using the Qt 3D framework. More...

Header: #include <Qt3DCore>
qmake: QT += 3dcore


namespace Quick



enum ChangeFlag { NodeCreated, NodeAboutToBeDeleted, NodeDeleted, NodeUpdated, ..., AllChanges }
flags ChangeFlags
typedef QAspectJobPtr
typedef QBackendNodeFunctorPtr
typedef QBackendScenePropertyChangePtr
typedef QComponentList
typedef QNodeList
typedef QNodePtr
typedef QSceneChangePtr
typedef QScenePropertyChangePtr


uint qHash(const QNodeId &id, uint seed = 0)
void registerBackendType(const QBackendNodeFunctorPtr &functor)
QDebug operator<<(QDebug d, const QNodeId &id)
QDebug operator<<(QDebug dbg, const Qt3DCore::QRay3D &ray)
QDataStream &operator<<(QDataStream &stream, const Qt3DCore::QRay3D &ray)
QDataStream &operator>>(QDataStream &stream, Qt3DCore::QRay3D &ray)

Detailed Description

Contains classes that are the foundation for Qt 3D simulation framework, as well as classes that provide the ability to render using the Qt 3D framework.


namespace Qt3DCore::Quick

Contains classes used for implementing QML functionality into Qt3D applications.


class QAbstractAspect

QAbstractAspect is the base class for aspects that provide a vertical slice of behavior. More...

class QAbstractNodeFactory

class QAspectEngine

class QAspectJob

class QBackendNode

class QBackendNodeFunctor

class QBackendScenePropertyChange

class QCamera

class QCameraLens

Qt3DCore::QCameraLens specifies the projection matrix that will be used to define a Camera for a 3D scene. More...

class QComponent

The base class of scene nodes that can be aggregated by Qt3DCore::QEntity instances as a component. More...

class QEntity

Qt3DCore::QEntity is a Qt3DCore::QNode subclass that can aggregate several Qt3DCore::QComponent instances that will specify its behavior. More...

class QNode

QNode is the base class of all Qt3D node classes used to build a Qt3D scene. More...

class QNodeId

class QRay3D

The QRay3D class defines a directional line in 3D space extending through an origin point. More...

class QSceneChange

class QScenePropertyChange

class QTransform

Type Documentation

enum Qt3DCore::ChangeFlag
flags Qt3DCore::ChangeFlags

The types of change that can be sent and received by Qt3D's change notification system.

Qt3DCore::NodeCreated1<<0A new instance of a QNode subclass has been created.
Qt3DCore::NodeAboutToBeDeleted1<<1A QNode is about to be deleted from the scene.
Qt3DCore::NodeDeleted1<<2A QNode has been deleted.
Qt3DCore::NodeUpdated1<<3A QNode property has been updated.
Qt3DCore::NodeAdded1<<4A QNode has been added to the scene.
Qt3DCore::NodeRemoved1<<5A QNode has been removed from the scene.
Qt3DCore::ComponentAdded1<<6A QComponent has been added to a QEntity.
Qt3DCore::ComponentRemoved1<<7A QComponent has been removed from a QEntity.
Qt3DCore::AllChanges0xFFFFFFFFAllows an observer to monitor for any of the above changes.

The ChangeFlags type is a typedef for QFlags<ChangeFlag>. It stores an OR combination of ChangeFlag values.

typedef Qt3DCore::QAspectJobPtr

A shared pointer for QAspectJob.

typedef Qt3DCore::QBackendNodeFunctorPtr

A shared pointer for QBackendNodeFunctor.

typedef Qt3DCore::QBackendScenePropertyChangePtr

A shared pointer for QBackendScenePropertyChange.

typedef Qt3DCore::QComponentList

List of QComponent pointers.

typedef Qt3DCore::QNodeList

List of QNode pointers.

typedef Qt3DCore::QNodePtr

A shared pointer for QNode.

typedef Qt3DCore::QSceneChangePtr

typedef Qt3DCore::QScenePropertyChangePtr

Function Documentation

uint Qt3DCore::qHash(const QNodeId &id, uint seed = 0)

void Qt3DCore::registerBackendType(const QBackendNodeFunctorPtr &functor)

QDebug Qt3DCore::operator<<(QDebug d, const QNodeId &id)

QDebug Qt3DCore::operator<<(QDebug dbg, const Qt3DCore::QRay3D &ray)

QDataStream &Qt3DCore::operator<<(QDataStream &stream, const Qt3DCore::QRay3D &ray)

QDataStream &Qt3DCore::operator>>(QDataStream &stream, Qt3DCore::QRay3D &ray)

Reads a 3D ray from the given stream into the given ray and returns a reference to the stream.

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