Qt3DInput Namespace

Contains classes that enable user input. More...

Header: #include <Qt3DInput>
qmake: QT += 3dinput



typedef QKeyEventPtr
typedef QMouseEventPtr
typedef QWheelEventPtr

Detailed Description

Contains classes that enable user input.


class QAbstractPhysicalDevice

class QAbstractPhysicalDeviceBackendNode

class QAction

class QActionInput

class QAxis

class QAxisActionHandler

class QAxisInput

class QAxisSetting

class QInputAspect

class QInputDeviceIntegration

class QInputDevicePlugin

class QKeyEvent

class QKeyboardController

class QKeyboardInput

class QLogicalDevice

class QMouseController

QMouseController is in charge of dispatching mouse events to attached QMouseInput objects. More...

class QMouseEvent

The Qt3DCore::QMouseEvent contains parameters that describe a mouse event. More...

class QMouseInput

Provides a means of being notified about mouse events when attached to a QMouseController instance. More...

class QWheelEvent

The QWheelEvent class contains parameters that describe a mouse wheel event. More...

Type Documentation

typedef Qt3DInput::QKeyEventPtr

typedef Qt3DInput::QMouseEventPtr

typedef Qt3DInput::QWheelEventPtr

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