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#include "submarine.h"
#include "submarine_p.h"
#include "torpedo.h"
#include "pixmapitem.h"
#include "graphicsscene.h"
#include "animationmanager.h"
#include "qanimationstate.h"

#include <QtCore/QPropertyAnimation>
#include <QtCore/QStateMachine>
#include <QtCore/QFinalState>
#include <QtCore/QSequentialAnimationGroup>

static QAbstractAnimation *setupDestroyAnimation(SubMarine *sub)
    QSequentialAnimationGroup *group = new QSequentialAnimationGroup(sub);
    for (int i = 1; i <= 4; ++i) {
        PixmapItem *step = new PixmapItem(QString::fromLatin1("explosion/submarine/step%1").arg(i), GraphicsScene::Big, sub);
        QPropertyAnimation *anim = new QPropertyAnimation(step, "opacity", group);
    return group;

SubMarine::SubMarine(int type, const QString &name, int points) : PixmapItem(QString("submarine"), GraphicsScene::Big),
    subType(type), subName(name), subPoints(points), speed(0), direction(SubMarine::None)

    graphicsRotation = new QGraphicsRotation(this);
    graphicsRotation->setOrigin(QVector3D(size().width()/2, size().height()/2, 0));
    QList<QGraphicsTransform *> r;

    //We setup the state machine of the submarine
    QStateMachine *machine = new QStateMachine(this);

    //This state is when the boat is moving/rotating
    QState *moving = new QState(machine);

    //This state is when the boat is moving from left to right
    MovementState *movement = new MovementState(this, moving);

    //This state is when the boat is moving from left to right
    ReturnState *rotation = new ReturnState(this, moving);

    //This is the initial state of the moving root state

    movement->addTransition(this, SIGNAL(subMarineStateChanged()), moving);

    //This is the initial state of the machine

    QFinalState *final = new QFinalState(machine);

    //If the moving animation is finished we move to the return state
    movement->addTransition(movement, SIGNAL(animationFinished()), rotation);

    //If the return animation is finished we move to the moving state
    rotation->addTransition(rotation, SIGNAL(animationFinished()), movement);

    //This state play the destroyed animation
    QAnimationState *destroyedState = new QAnimationState(machine);

    //Play a nice animation when the submarine is destroyed
    moving->addTransition(this, SIGNAL(subMarineDestroyed()), destroyedState);

    //Transition to final state when the destroyed animation is finished
    destroyedState->addTransition(destroyedState, SIGNAL(animationFinished()), final);

    //The machine has finished to be executed, then the submarine is dead
    connect(machine,SIGNAL(finished()),this, SIGNAL(subMarineExecutionFinished()));


int SubMarine::points() const
    return subPoints;

void SubMarine::setCurrentDirection(SubMarine::Movement direction)
    if (this->direction == direction)
    if (direction == SubMarine::Right && this->direction == SubMarine::None) {
    this->direction = direction;

enum SubMarine::Movement SubMarine::currentDirection() const
    return direction;

void SubMarine::setCurrentSpeed(int speed)
    if (speed < 0 || speed > 3) {
        qWarning("SubMarine::setCurrentSpeed : The speed is invalid");
    this->speed = speed;
    emit subMarineStateChanged();

int SubMarine::currentSpeed() const
    return speed;

void SubMarine::launchTorpedo(int speed)
    Torpedo * torp = new Torpedo();
    GraphicsScene *scene = static_cast<GraphicsScene *>(this->scene());

void SubMarine::destroy()
    emit subMarineDestroyed();

int SubMarine::type() const
    return Type;

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