New Classes and Functions in Qt 5.5

This page contains a comprehensive list of all new classes and functions introduced in Qt 5.5. Links to new APIs in previous Qt 5 releases are found at the bottom of this page.

New Classes

QAbstractAxisInput (Qt3DInput)
QAxisSetting (Qt3DInput)
AssimpIO (Qt3DRender)
QAbstractTexture (Qt3DRender)
QAbstractTextureImage (Qt3DRender)
QBlendEquationArguments (Qt3DRender)
QComponent (Qt3DCore)
QCamera (Qt3DRender)
QCameraLens (Qt3DRender)
QCameraSelector (Qt3DRender)
QClipPlane (Qt3DRender)
QEntity (Qt3DCore)
FrameRateRange (QCamera)
QFrameAction (Qt3DLogic)
QFilterKey (Qt3DRender)
QFrameGraphNode (Qt3DRender)
QGraphicsApiFilter (Qt3DRender)
QInputAspect (Qt3DInput)
QKeyEvent (Qt3DInput)
QKeyboardDevice (Qt3DInput)
QKeyboardHandler (Qt3DInput)
QLayer (Qt3DRender)
QLayerFilter (Qt3DRender)
QMouseDevice (Qt3DInput)
QMouseEvent (Qt3DInput)
QMouseHandler (Qt3DInput)
QMaterial (Qt3DRender)
QNode (Qt3DCore)
QNoDraw (Qt3DRender)
QPointLight (Qt3DRender)
QRenderStateSet (Qt3DRender)
QShaderData (Qt3DRender)
QShaderProgram (Qt3DRender)
QSpotLight (Qt3DRender)
QTexture1D (Qt3DRender)
QTexture1DArray (Qt3DRender)
QTexture2D (Qt3DRender)
QTexture2DArray (Qt3DRender)
QTexture2DMultisample (Qt3DRender)
QTexture2DMultisampleArray (Qt3DRender)
QTexture3D (Qt3DRender)
QTextureBuffer (Qt3DRender)
QTextureCubeMap (Qt3DRender)
QTextureCubeMapArray (Qt3DRender)
QTextureImage (Qt3DRender)
QTextureImageData (Qt3DRender)
QTextureRectangle (Qt3DRender)
QTextureWrapMode (Qt3DRender)
QWheelEvent (Qt3DInput)

New Member Functions

Class QDBusConnection:

bool registerObject(const QString &path, const QString &interface, QObject *object, RegisterOptions options = ExportAdaptors)

Class QMessageLogger:

void info(const char *msg, ...) const
void info(const QLoggingCategory &cat, const char *msg, ...) const
void info(CategoryFunction catFunc, const char *msg, ...) const
QDebug info() const
QDebug info(const QLoggingCategory &cat) const
QDebug info(CategoryFunction catFunc) const

Class QLoggingCategory:

bool isInfoEnabled() const

Class QTextStream:

bool readLineInto(QString *line, qint64 maxlen = 0)

Class QItemSelectionModel:

QAbstractItemModel *model()
void modelChanged(QAbstractItemModel *model)
void setModel(QAbstractItemModel *model)

Class QJsonObject:

QJsonObject fromVariantHash(const QVariantHash &hash)
QVariantHash toVariantHash() const

Class QMetaMethod:

bool invokeOnGadget(void *gadget, QGenericReturnArgument returnValue, QGenericArgument val0 = QGenericArgument( Q_NULLPTR ), QGenericArgument val1 = QGenericArgument(), QGenericArgument val2 = QGenericArgument(), QGenericArgument val3 = QGenericArgument(), QGenericArgument val4 = QGenericArgument(), QGenericArgument val5 = QGenericArgument(), QGenericArgument val6 = QGenericArgument(), QGenericArgument val7 = QGenericArgument(), QGenericArgument val8 = QGenericArgument(), QGenericArgument val9 = QGenericArgument()) const
bool invokeOnGadget(void *gadget, QGenericArgument val0 = QGenericArgument( Q_NULLPTR ), QGenericArgument val1 = QGenericArgument(), QGenericArgument val2 = QGenericArgument(), QGenericArgument val3 = QGenericArgument(), QGenericArgument val4 = QGenericArgument(), QGenericArgument val5 = QGenericArgument(), QGenericArgument val6 = QGenericArgument(), QGenericArgument val7 = QGenericArgument(), QGenericArgument val8 = QGenericArgument(), QGenericArgument val9 = QGenericArgument()) const

Class QMetaEnum:

QMetaEnum fromType()

Class QMetaProperty:

QVariant readOnGadget(const void *gadget) const
bool resetOnGadget(void *gadget) const
bool writeOnGadget(void *gadget, const QVariant &value) const

Class QMetaType:

bool equals(const void *lhs, const void *rhs, int typeId, int *result)
const QMetaObject *metaObject() const
bool registerEqualsComparator()
int type(const QByteArray &typeName)

Class QVariant:

QPersistentModelIndex toPersistentModelIndex() const

Class QAssociativeIterable:

const_iterator find(const QVariant &key) const

Class QState:

QSignalTransition *addTransition(const QObject *sender, PointerToMemberFunction signal, QAbstractState *target)

Class QThread:

int loopLevel() const

Class QThreadPool:

void cancel(QRunnable *runnable)

Class QDateTime:

QDateTime fromCFDate(CFDateRef date)
QDateTime fromNSDate(const NSDate *date)
CFDateRef toCFDate() const
NSDate *toNSDate() const

Class QPair:

void swap(QPair &other)

Class QRegularExpression:

QRegularExpressionMatchIterator globalMatch(const QStringRef &subjectRef, int offset = 0, MatchType matchType = NormalMatch, MatchOptions matchOptions = NoMatchOption) const
QRegularExpressionMatch match(const QStringRef &subjectRef, int offset = 0, MatchType matchType = NormalMatch, MatchOptions matchOptions = NoMatchOption) const

Class QString:

QString asprintf(const char *cformat, ...)
QString fromStdU16String(const std::u16string &str)
QString fromStdU32String(const std::u32string &str)
int indexOf(const QRegularExpression &re, int from, QRegularExpressionMatch *rmatch) const
QString &insert(int position, const QStringRef &str)
QString &insert(int position, const char *str)
QString &insert(int position, const QByteArray &str)
int lastIndexOf(const QRegularExpression &re, int from, QRegularExpressionMatch *rmatch) const
QString &prepend(const QChar *str, int len)
QString &prepend(const QStringRef &str)
std::u16string toStdU16String() const
std::u32string toStdU32String() const
QString vasprintf(const char *cformat, va_list ap)

Class QTimeZone:

QTimeZone systemTimeZone()
QTimeZone utc()

Class QVector:

void append(const QVector<T> &value)

Class QVarLengthArray:

QVarLengthArray<T, Prealloc> &operator=(std::initializer_list<T> list)

Class QImageReader:

bool autoTransform() const
void setAutoTransform(bool enabled)
QImageIOHandler::Transformations transformation() const

Class QImageWriter:

bool optimizedWrite() const
bool progressiveScanWrite() const
void setOptimizedWrite(bool optimize)
void setProgressiveScanWrite(bool progressive)
void setTransformation(QImageIOHandler::Transformations transform)
QImageIOHandler::Transformations transformation() const

Class QOpenGLContext:

QOpenGLContext *globalShareContext()
bool supportsThreadedOpenGL()

Class QWheelEvent:

Qt::MouseEventSource source() const

Class QPlatformIntegration:

virtual void destroy()
virtual void setApplicationIcon(const QIcon &icon) const

Class QWindow:

void requestUpdate()

Class QMatrix4x4:

bool isAffine() const

Class QVector3D:

QVector3D &operator/=(const QVector3D &vector)
QVector3D project(const QMatrix4x4 &modelView, const QMatrix4x4 &projection, const QRect &viewport) const
QVector3D unproject(const QMatrix4x4 &modelView, const QMatrix4x4 &projection, const QRect &viewport) const

Class QVector2D:

QVector2D &operator/=(const QVector2D &vector)

Class QQuaternion:

QQuaternion conjugated() const
float dotProduct(const QQuaternion &q1, const QQuaternion &q2)
QQuaternion fromAxes(const QVector3D &xAxis, const QVector3D &yAxis, const QVector3D &zAxis)
QQuaternion fromDirection(const QVector3D &direction, const QVector3D &up)
QQuaternion fromEulerAngles(const QVector3D &eulerAngles)
QQuaternion fromEulerAngles(float pitch, float yaw, float roll)
QQuaternion fromRotationMatrix(const QMatrix3x3 &rot3x3)
void getAxes(QVector3D *xAxis, QVector3D *yAxis, QVector3D *zAxis) const
void getAxisAndAngle(QVector3D *axis, float *angle) const
void getAxisAndAngle(float *x, float *y, float *z, float *angle) const
void getEulerAngles(float *pitch, float *yaw, float *roll) const
QQuaternion inverted() const
QQuaternion rotationTo(const QVector3D &from, const QVector3D &to)
QVector3D toEulerAngles() const
QMatrix3x3 toRotationMatrix() const

Class QVector4D:

QVector4D &operator/=(const QVector4D &vector)

Class QOpenGLTexture:

void allocateStorage(PixelFormat pixelFormat, PixelType pixelType)
ComparisonFunction comparisonFunction() const
ComparisonMode comparisonMode() const
void setComparisonMode(ComparisonMode mode)

Class QFontDatabase:

bool isPrivateFamily(const QString &family) const

Class QPlatformFontDatabase:

QFont::Weight weightFromInteger(int weight)

Class QTextDocument:

QTextCursor find(const QRegularExpression &expr, int from = 0, FindFlags options = FindFlags()) const
QTextCursor find(const QRegularExpression &expr, const QTextCursor &cursor, FindFlags options = FindFlags()) const

Class QNetworkAccessManager:

void preSharedKeyAuthenticationRequired(QNetworkReply *reply, QSslPreSharedKeyAuthenticator *authenticator)

Class QNetworkReply:

void preSharedKeyAuthenticationRequired(QSslPreSharedKeyAuthenticator *authenticator)

Class QHostAddress:

void setAddress(const quint8 *ip6Addr)

Class QSslConfiguration:

QVector<QSslEllipticCurve> ellipticCurves() const
void setEllipticCurves(const QVector<QSslEllipticCurve> &curves)
QList<QSslCipher> supportedCiphers()
QVector<QSslEllipticCurve> supportedEllipticCurves()
QList<QSslCertificate> systemCaCertificates()

Class QSslSocket:

void preSharedKeyAuthenticationRequired(QSslPreSharedKeyAuthenticator *authenticator)

Class QGraphicsScene:

void setSelectionArea(const QPainterPath &path, Qt::ItemSelectionOperation selectionOperation, Qt::ItemSelectionMode mode = Qt::IntersectsItemShape, const QTransform &deviceTransform = QTransform())

Class QOpenGLWidget:

void setUpdateBehavior(UpdateBehavior updateBehavior)
UpdateBehavior updateBehavior() const

Class QSpacerItem:

QSizePolicy sizePolicy() const

Class QAbstractScrollArea:

QMargins viewportMargins() const

Class QFrame:

void initStyleOption(QStyleOptionFrame *option) const

Class QPlainTextEdit:

QMenu *createStandardContextMenu(const QPoint &position)

Class QBluetoothDeviceInfo:

QBluetoothUuid deviceUuid() const
void setDeviceUuid(const QBluetoothUuid &uuid)

Class QBluetoothHostInfo:

bool operator!=(const QBluetoothHostInfo &other) const
bool operator==(const QBluetoothHostInfo &other) const

Class QLowEnergyController:

QString remoteName() const

Class QLowEnergyService:

void characteristicRead(const QLowEnergyCharacteristic &characteristic, const QByteArray &value)
void descriptorRead(const QLowEnergyDescriptor &descriptor, const QByteArray &value)
void readCharacteristic(const QLowEnergyCharacteristic &characteristic)
void readDescriptor(const QLowEnergyDescriptor &descriptor)

Class QSGSimpleTextureNode:

void setSourceRect(const QRectF &r)
void setSourceRect(qreal x, qreal y, qreal w, qreal h)
QRectF sourceRect() const

Class QQuickWidget:

QQuickWindow *quickWindow() const

Class QGeoCircle:

QString toString() const

Class QGeoRectangle:

QString toString() const

Class QGeoShape:

QGeoCoordinate center() const
QString toString() const

Class QCamera:

void setViewfinderSettings(const QCameraViewfinderSettings &settings)
QList<FrameRateRange> supportedViewfinderFrameRateRanges(const QCameraViewfinderSettings &settings = QCameraViewfinderSettings()) const
QList<QVideoFrame::PixelFormat> supportedViewfinderPixelFormats(const QCameraViewfinderSettings &settings = QCameraViewfinderSettings()) const
QList<QSize> supportedViewfinderResolutions(const QCameraViewfinderSettings &settings = QCameraViewfinderSettings()) const
QList<QCameraViewfinderSettings> supportedViewfinderSettings(const QCameraViewfinderSettings &settings = QCameraViewfinderSettings()) const
QCameraViewfinderSettings viewfinderSettings() const

Class QCameraImageProcessing:

ColorFilter colorFilter() const
bool isColorFilterSupported(ColorFilter filter) const
void setColorFilter(ColorFilter filter)

Class QWebEnginePage:

virtual bool acceptNavigationRequest(const QUrl &url, NavigationType type, bool isMainFrame)
QWebEngineProfile *profile() const
void setWebChannel(QWebChannel *channel)
QWebChannel *webChannel() const

Class QWebEngineProfile:

void downloadRequested(QWebEngineDownloadItem *download)

New Functions in Namespaces

char *toString(QSizePolicy sp)
char *toString(QSizePolicy::ControlType ct)
char *toString(QSizePolicy::ControlTypes cts)
char *toString(QSizePolicy::Policy p)

New Global Functions

bool operator!=(const QSslPreSharedKeyAuthenticator &lhs, const QSslPreSharedKeyAuthenticator &rhs)
bool operator!=(QSslEllipticCurve lhs, QSslEllipticCurve rhs)
bool operator!=(const QCameraViewfinderSettings &lhs, const QCameraViewfinderSettings &rhs)
QVector3D operator*(const QQuaternion &quaternion, const QVector3D &vec)
const QVector4D operator/(const QVector4D &vector, const QVector4D &divisor)
const QVector3D operator/(const QVector3D &vector, const QVector3D &divisor)
const QVector2D operator/(const QVector2D &vector, const QVector2D &divisor)
QDebug operator<<(QDebug debug, QSslEllipticCurve curve)
bool operator<=(const QUuid &lhs, const QUuid &rhs)
bool operator==(QSslEllipticCurve lhs, QSslEllipticCurve rhs)
bool operator>=(const QUuid &lhs, const QUuid &rhs)
int qEnvironmentVariableIntValue(const char *varName, bool *ok = Q_NULLPTR)
uint qHash(QSslEllipticCurve curve, uint seed = 0)
uint qHash(const QSet<T> &key, uint seed = 0)
uint qHashRange(InputIterator first, InputIterator last, uint seed = 0)
uint qHashRangeCommutative(InputIterator first, InputIterator last, uint seed = 0)
QPixelFormat qPixelFormatAlpha(uchar channelSize, QPixelFormat::TypeInterpretation typeInterpretation = QPixelFormat::UnsignedInteger)
QJSEngine *qjsEngine(const QObject *object)
void swap(QPair<T1, T2> &lhs, QPair<T1, T2> &rhs)

New Macros

qCInfo(category, const char *message, ...)
qInfo(const char *message, ...)

New Enum Types

enum ColorFilter { ColorFilterNone, ColorFilterGrayscale, ColorFilterNegative, ColorFilterSolarize, ..., ColorFilterVendor }
enum Transformation { TransformationNone, TransformationMirror, TransformationFlip, TransformationRotate180, ..., TransformationRotate270 }
enum ComparisonFunction { CompareLessEqual, CompareGreaterEqual, CompareLess, CompareGreater, ..., CompareNever }
enum ComparisonMode { CompareRefToTexture, CompareNone }
enum UpdateBehavior { NoPartialUpdate, PartialUpdate }
enum TabFocusBehavior { NoTabFocus, TabFocusTextControls, TabFocusListControls, TabFocusAllControls }

New Properties

New QML Types

New QML Properties

New QML Signals

New QML Methods

list<object> supportedViewfinderFrameRateRanges(size resolution = undefined)
list<size> supportedViewfinderResolutions(real minimumFrameRate = undefined, real maximumFrameRate = undefined)
string getDataAsArrayBuffer(string format)
color hsva(real hue, real saturation, real value, real alpha)
geocircle shapeToCircle(geoshape shape) const
georectangle shapeToRectangle(geoshape shape) const

Additions to Other Qt 5 Releases

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