QAccessibleWidget Class

The QAccessibleWidget class implements the QAccessibleInterface for QWidgets. More...

Header: #include <QAccessibleWidget>
qmake: QT += widgets
Inherits: QAccessibleObject and QAccessibleActionInterface

Public Functions

QAccessibleWidget(QWidget *w, QAccessible::Role role = QAccessible::Client, const QString &name = QString())

Reimplemented Public Functions

virtual QStringList actionNames() const
virtual QColor backgroundColor() const
virtual QAccessibleInterface *child(int index) const
virtual int childCount() const
virtual void doAction(const QString &actionName)
virtual QAccessibleInterface *focusChild() const
virtual QColor foregroundColor() const
virtual int indexOfChild(const QAccessibleInterface *child) const
virtual void *interface_cast(QAccessible::InterfaceType t)
virtual bool isValid() const
virtual QStringList keyBindingsForAction(const QString &actionName) const
virtual QAccessibleInterface *parent() const
virtual QRect rect() const
virtual QVector<QPair<QAccessibleInterface *, QAccessible::Relation> > relations(QAccessible::Relation match = QAccessible::AllRelations) const
virtual QAccessible::Role role() const
virtual QAccessible::State state() const
virtual QString text(QAccessible::Text t) const
virtual QWindow *window() const

Protected Functions

void addControllingSignal(const QString &signal)
QObject *parentObject() const
QWidget *widget() const

Additional Inherited Members

Detailed Description

The QAccessibleWidget class implements the QAccessibleInterface for QWidgets.

This class is part of Accessibility for QWidget Applications.

This class is convenient to use as a base class for custom implementations of QAccessibleInterfaces that provide information about widget objects.

The class provides functions to retrieve the parentObject() (the widget's parent widget), and the associated widget(). Controlling signals can be added with addControllingSignal(), and setters are provided for various aspects of the interface implementation, for example setValue(), setDescription(), setAccelerator(), and setHelp().

See also QAccessible and QAccessibleObject.

Member Function Documentation

QAccessibleWidget::QAccessibleWidget(QWidget *w, QAccessible::Role role = QAccessible::Client, const QString &name = QString())

Creates a QAccessibleWidget object for widget w. role and name are optional parameters that set the object's role and name properties.

[protected] QAccessibleWidget::~QAccessibleWidget()

Destroys this object.

[virtual] QStringList QAccessibleWidget::actionNames() const

Reimplemented from QAccessibleActionInterface::actionNames().

[protected] void QAccessibleWidget::addControllingSignal(const QString &signal)

Registers signal as a controlling signal.

An object is a Controller to any other object connected to a controlling signal.

[virtual] QColor QAccessibleWidget::backgroundColor() const

Reimplemented from QAccessibleInterface::backgroundColor().

[virtual] QAccessibleInterface *QAccessibleWidget::child(int index) const

Reimplemented from QAccessibleInterface::child().

[virtual] int QAccessibleWidget::childCount() const

Reimplemented from QAccessibleInterface::childCount().

[virtual] void QAccessibleWidget::doAction(const QString &actionName)

Reimplemented from QAccessibleActionInterface::doAction().

[virtual] QAccessibleInterface *QAccessibleWidget::focusChild() const

Reimplemented from QAccessibleInterface::focusChild().

[virtual] QColor QAccessibleWidget::foregroundColor() const

Reimplemented from QAccessibleInterface::foregroundColor().

[virtual] int QAccessibleWidget::indexOfChild(const QAccessibleInterface *child) const

Reimplemented from QAccessibleInterface::indexOfChild().

[virtual] void *QAccessibleWidget::interface_cast(QAccessible::InterfaceType t)

Reimplemented from QAccessibleInterface::interface_cast().

[virtual] bool QAccessibleWidget::isValid() const

Reimplemented from QAccessibleInterface::isValid().

[virtual] QStringList QAccessibleWidget::keyBindingsForAction(const QString &actionName) const

Reimplemented from QAccessibleActionInterface::keyBindingsForAction().

[virtual] QAccessibleInterface *QAccessibleWidget::parent() const

Reimplemented from QAccessibleInterface::parent().

[protected] QObject *QAccessibleWidget::parentObject() const

Returns the associated widget's parent object, which is either the parent widget, or qApp for top-level widgets.

[virtual] QRect QAccessibleWidget::rect() const

Reimplemented from QAccessibleInterface::rect().

[virtual] QVector<QPair<QAccessibleInterface *, QAccessible::Relation> > QAccessibleWidget::relations(QAccessible::Relation match = QAccessible::AllRelations) const

Reimplemented from QAccessibleInterface::relations().

[virtual] QAccessible::Role QAccessibleWidget::role() const

Reimplemented from QAccessibleInterface::role().

[virtual] QAccessible::State QAccessibleWidget::state() const

Reimplemented from QAccessibleInterface::state().

[virtual] QString QAccessibleWidget::text(QAccessible::Text t) const

Reimplemented from QAccessibleInterface::text().

[protected] QWidget *QAccessibleWidget::widget() const

Returns the associated widget.

[virtual] QWindow *QAccessibleWidget::window() const

Reimplemented from QAccessibleInterface::window().

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