Technique QML Type

Encapsulates a Technique. More...

Import Statement: import Qt3D.Render 2.0
Since: Qt 5.7
Instantiates: QTechnique


Detailed Description

A Technique specifies a set of RenderPass objects, FilterKey objects, Parameter objects and a GraphicsApiFilter, which together define a rendering technique the given graphics API can render. The filter keys are used by TechniqueFilter to select specific techinques at specific parts of the FrameGraph. If the same parameter is specified both in Technique and RenderPass, the one in Technique overrides the one used in the RenderPass.

See also Qt3D.Render::Effect.

Property Documentation

filterKeys : list<FilterKey>

Specifies the list of filter keys enabling this technique

graphicsApiFilter : GraphicsApiFilter

Specifies the graphics API filter being used

parameters : list<Parameter>

Specifies the parameters used by the technique

renderPasses : list<RenderPass>

Specifies the render passes used by the tehcnique

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