LogValueAxis3DFormatter QML Type

LogValueAxis3DFormatter implements logarithmic value axis formatter. More...

Import Statement: import QtDataVisualization 1.2
Since: QtDataVisualization 1.1
Instantiates: QLogValue3DAxisFormatter



Detailed Description

This type provides formatting rules for a logarithmic ValueAxis3D. When a LogValueAxis3DFormatter is attached to a ValueAxis3D, the axis range cannot include negative values or the zero.

Property Documentation

autoSubGrid : bool

If this property value is set to true, the parent axis sub-segment count is ignored when calculating sub-grid line positions. The sub-grid positions are generated automatically according to the base property value. The number of sub-grid lines is set to base value minus one, rounded down. This property is ignored when base property value is zero. Defaults to true.

See also base and ValueAxis3D::subSegmentCount.

base : real

The base of the logarithm used to map axis values. If the base is non-zero, the parent axis segment count will be ignored when the grid line and label positions are calculated. If you want the range to be divided into equal segments like normal value axis, set this property value to zero.

The base has to be zero or positive value and not equal to one. Defaults to ten.

See also ValueAxis3D::segmentCount.

showEdgeLabels : bool

When the base property value is non-zero, the whole axis range is often not equally divided into segments. The first and last segments are often smaller than the other segments. In extreme cases this can lead to overlapping labels on the first and last two grid lines. By setting this property to false, you can suppress showing the minimum and maximum labels for the axis in cases where the segments do not exactly fit the axis. Defaults to true.

See also base and AbstractAxis3D::labels.

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