ScrollIndicator QML Type

A non-interactive scroll indicator control. More...

Import Statement: import QtQuick.Controls 2.0
Since: Qt 5.7



Attached Properties

Detailed Description

ScrollIndicator is a non-interactive indicator that indicates the current scroll position. A scroll indicator can be either vertical or horizontal, and can be attached to any Flickable, such as ListView and GridView.

Flickable {
    // ...
    ScrollIndicator.vertical: ScrollIndicator { }

Note: When ScrollIndicator is attached vertically or horizontally to a Flickable, its geometry and the following properties are automatically set and updated as appropriate:

Horizontal and vertical scroll indicators do not share the active state with each other by default. In order to keep both indicators visible whilst scrolling to either direction, establish a two-way binding between the active states as presented by the following example:

Flickable {
    anchors.fill: parent

    contentWidth: parent.width * 2
    contentHeight: parent.height * 2

    ScrollIndicator.horizontal: ScrollIndicator { id: hbar; active: }
    ScrollIndicator.vertical: ScrollIndicator { id: vbar; active: }

See also ScrollBar, Customizing ScrollIndicator, and Indicator Controls.

Property Documentation

active : bool

This property holds whether the indicator is active, that is, when the attached Flickable is moving.

orientation : enumeration

This property holds the orientation of the indicator.

Possible values:

Qt.VerticalVertical (default)

position : real

This property holds the position of the indicator, scaled to 0.0 - 1.0.

See also Flickable::visibleArea.

size : real

This property holds the size of the indicator, scaled to 0.0 - 1.0.

See also Flickable::visibleArea.

Attached Property Documentation

ScrollIndicator.horizontal : ScrollIndicator

This property attaches a horizontal scroll indicator to a Flickable.

Flickable {
    contentWidth: 2000
    ScrollIndicator.horizontal: ScrollIndicator { }

ScrollIndicator.vertical : ScrollIndicator

This property attaches a vertical scroll indicator to a Flickable.

Flickable {
    contentHeight: 2000
    ScrollIndicator.vertical: ScrollIndicator { }

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