SelectionListModel QML Type

Provides a data model for the selection lists. More...

Import Statement: import QtQuick.VirtualKeyboard 2.0



Detailed Description

The SelectionListModel is a data model for word candidates provided by the input method.

An instance of SelectionListModel cannot be created directly. Instead, the InputEngine manages the instances and provides access to the model by InputEngine::wordCandidateListModel property.

The model exposes the following data roles for the list delegate:

  • display Display text for item
  • wordCompletionLength Word completion length for item

The activeItemChanged signal indicates which item is currently highlighted by the input method. The view should respond to this signal by highlighting the corresponding item in the list.

The user selection is handled by the selectItem() method. The view should be invoke this method when the user selects an item from the list.

Signal Documentation

void activeItemChanged(int index)

This signal is emitted when the active item in the list changes. The UI should react to this signal by highlighting the item at index in the list.

void itemSelected(int index)

This signal is emitted when an item at index is selected by the user.

Method Documentation

void selectItem(int index)

This method should be called when the user selects an item at position index from the list. The selection is forwarded to the input method for further processing.

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