WaylandQuickItem QML Type

Provides a Qt Quick item that represents a WaylandView. More...

Import Statement: import QtWayland.Compositor 1.0


Detailed Description

Qt Quick-based Wayland compositors can use this type to display a client's contents on an output device. It passes user input to the client.

Property Documentation

compositor : object

This property holds the compositor for the surface rendered by this WaylandQuickItem.

focusOnClick : bool

This property specifies whether the WaylandQuickItem should take focus when it is clicked.

The default is true.

origin : enum

This property holds the origin of the QWaylandQuickItem.

paintEnabled : bool

If this property is true, the item is hidden, though the texture is still updated. As opposed to hiding the item by setting visible to false, setting this property to true will not prevent mouse or keyboard input from reaching item.

sizeFollowsSurface : bool

This property specifies whether the size of the item should always match the size of its surface.

The default is true.

subsurfaceHandler : bool

This property provides a way to override the default subsurface behavior.

By default, Qt will create a new SurfaceItem as a child of this item, and maintain the correct position.

To override the default, assign a handler object to this property. The handler should implement a handleSubsurfaceAdded(WaylandSurface) function.

ShellSurfaceItem {
    subsurfaceHandler: QtObject {
    function handleSubsurfaceAdded(child) {
      //create custom surface item, and connect the subsurfacePositionChanged signal

The default value of this property is null.

surface : object

This property holds the surface rendered by this WaylandQuickItem.

view : object

This property holds the view rendered by this WaylandQuickItem.

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