XdgSurface QML Type

Provides an XDG surface that offers desktop functionality. More...

Import Statement: import QtWayland.Compositor 1.0



Detailed Description

XdgSurface is part of the XdgShell extension and provides desktop functionality such as minimize, maximize, and resize using the xdg-shell protocol.

Property Documentation

parentSurface : object

This property holds the parent of this XdgSurface.

surface : object

This property holds the surface associated with this XdgSurface.

title : string

This property holds the title of the XdgSurface.

Method Documentation

void initialize(object surface, object client, int id)

Initializes the XdgSurface and associates it with the given surface, client, and id.

void sendClose()

Sends a close event to the client.

int sendConfigure(size size, List<uint>)

Sends a configure event to the client. Known states are enumerated in XdgSurface::State

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