Example File


  TEMPLATE = lib
  CONFIG += plugin
  TARGET = $$qtLibraryTarget(qtsensors_grue)
  PLUGIN_TYPE = sensors

  QT = core sensors


  INCLUDEPATH += $$PWD/../lib
  LIBS += -L$$OUT_PWD/.. -lgruesensor

  # Shared gruesensor library will be installed in parent directory.
  # Define rpath so that this plugin will know where to look for it.
  unix:!mac: QMAKE_LFLAGS += -Wl,-rpath,\\\$\$ORIGIN/..

  HEADERS += gruesensorimpl.h

  SOURCES += gruesensorimpl.cpp \

  # Install the plugin under Grue example directory
  INSTALLS += target

  CONFIG += install_ok  # Do not cargo-cult this!


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