AbstractAxis QML Type

A base type used for specialized axis types. More...

Import Statement: import QtCharts 2.2
Instantiates: QAbstractAxis
Inherited By:

BarCategoryAxis, CategoryAxis, DateTimeAxis, LogValueAxis, and ValueAxis


Detailed Description

Each series can be bound to only one horizontal and vertical axis.

The properties and visibility of various axis elements, such as axis line, title, labels, grid lines, and shades, can be individually controlled.

Property Documentation

alignment : alignment

The alignment of the axis. Can be Qt.AlignLeft, Qt.AlignRight, Qt.AlignBottom, or Qt.AlignTop.

color : color

The color of the axis and tick marks.

gridVisible : bool

The visibility of the grid lines.

labelsAngle : int

The angle of the axis labels in degrees.

labelsColor : color

The color of the axis labels.

labelsFont : font

The font of the axis labels.

For more information, see font.

labelsVisible : bool

The visibility of axis labels.

lineVisible : bool

The visibility of the axis line.

minorGridVisible : bool

The visibility of the minor grid lines. Applies only to ValueAxis.

orientation : Qt.Orientation

The orientation of the axis. Fixed to either Qt.Horizontal or Qt.Vertical when the axis is set to a series.

reverse : alignment

Defines whether a reverse axis is used. By default, the value is false.

The reverse axis is supported with a line, spline, and scatter series, as well as an area series with a cartesian chart. All axes of the same orientation attached to the same series must be reversed if one is reversed or the behavior is undefined.

shadesBorderColor : color

The border (pen) color of the axis shades.

shadesColor : color

The fill (brush) color of the axis shades.

shadesVisible : bool

The visibility of the axis shades.

titleFont : font

The font of the title of the axis.

titleText : string

The title of the axis. Empty by default. Axis titles support HTML formatting.

titleVisible : bool

The visibility of the axis title. By default, the value is true.

visible : bool

The visibility of the axis.

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