ValueAxis3D QML Type

The ValueAxis3D type is used for manipulating an axis of a graph. More...

Import Statement: import QtDataVisualization 1.2
Since: QtDataVisualization 1.0
Instantiates: QValue3DAxis



Detailed Description

This type provides an axis that can be given a range of values and segment and subsegment counts to divide the range into.

Property Documentation

formatter : ValueAxis3DFormatter

Defines the axis formatter to be used. Any existing formatter is deleted when a new formatter is set.

This QML property was introduced in QtDataVisualization 1.1.

labelFormat : string

Defines the label format to be used for the labels on this axis. How the format is interpreted depends on the axis formatter and the locale in use. Using the default formatter and default locale ("C"), the formatting uses QString::sprintf(). Supported specifiers are: d, i, o, x, X, f, F, e, E, g, G, c. See QString::sprintf() for additional details. For other locales, the default formatter uses reduced set of printf format specifiers: d, i, f, F, e, E, g, G. In these cases, the only supported modifier is the precision modifier for the floating point and exponential formats. The decimal point and other locale dependent formatting is done according to the graph locale.

See also AbstractGraph3D::locale.

reversed : bool

If true, the axis will be rendered in reverse, i.e. the positions of minimum and maximum values are swapped when the graph is rendered. This property doesn't affect the actual minimum and maximum values of the axis.

This QML property was introduced in QtDataVisualization 1.1.

segmentCount : int

Defines the number of segments on the axis. This indicates how many labels are drawn. The number of grid lines to be drawn is calculated with formula: segments * subsegments + 1. The preset default is 5, and it can not be below 1.

subSegmentCount : int

Defines the number of subsegments inside each segment on the axis. Grid lines are drawn between each subsegment, in addition to each segment. The preset default is 1, and it can not be below 1.

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