Qt Wayland Compositor QML Types

The Qt Wayland module provides QML types that can be used to create custom display servers supporting the Wayland protocol.

The QML types can be imported into your application using the following import statement:

import QtWayland.Compositor 1.0

To link against the module, add this line to your qmake .pro file:

QT += waylandcompositor

For more information about using these types in your application, see the Qt Wayland Compositor documentation.


Represents a client connecting to the WaylandCompositor


Manages the Wayland display server


Provides access to a displayable area managed by the compositor


Provides a Qt Quick item that represents a WaylandView


Represents a rectangular area on an output device


Represents a view of a surface on an output


A Qt Quick item type representing a WlShellSurface


Provides an extension for desktop-style user interfaces


Provides a that offers desktop-style compositor-specific features to a surface

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