QWinTaskbarButton Class

The QWinTaskbarButton class represents the Windows taskbar button for a top-level window (Windows 7 and newer). More...

Header: #include <QWinTaskbarButton>
qmake: QT += winextras
Since: Qt 5.2
Inherits: QObject


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Public Functions

QWinTaskbarButton(QObject *parent = Q_NULLPTR)
QString overlayAccessibleDescription() const
QIcon overlayIcon() const
QWinTaskbarProgress *progress() const
void setWindow(QWindow *window)
QWindow *window() const
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Public Slots

void clearOverlayIcon()
void setOverlayAccessibleDescription(const QString &description)
void setOverlayIcon(const QIcon &icon)
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Additional Inherited Members

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Detailed Description

The QWinTaskbarButton class represents the Windows taskbar button for a top-level window (Windows 7 and newer).

The QWinTaskbarButton class enables you to set overlay icons on a taskbar button, and provides access to its progress indicator.

An overlay icon indicates change in the state of an application, whereas a progress indicator shows how time-consuming tasks are progressing.

Taskbar Button

The following example code illustrates how to use the QWinTaskbarButton and QWinTaskbarProgress classes to adjust the look of the taskbar button:

    QWinTaskbarButton *button = new QWinTaskbarButton(widget);

    QWinTaskbarProgress *progress = button->progress();

Note: QWidget::windowHandle() returns a valid instance of a QWindow only after the widget has been shown. It is therefore recommended to delay the initialization of the QWinTaskbarButton instances until QWidget::showEvent().

Note: The class wraps API only available since Windows 7. Instantiating it on Windows XP or Windows Vista causes a runtime warning.

See also QWinTaskbarProgress.

Property Documentation

overlayAccessibleDescription : QString

This property holds the description of the overlay for accessibility purposes.

Access functions:

QString overlayAccessibleDescription() const
void setOverlayAccessibleDescription(const QString &description)

See also overlayIcon.

overlayIcon : QIcon

This property holds the overlay icon of the taskbar button.

Access functions:

QIcon overlayIcon() const
void setOverlayIcon(const QIcon &icon)
void clearOverlayIcon()

progress : QWinTaskbarProgress * const

This property holds the progress indicator of the taskbar button.

Note: The progress indicator is not visible by default.

Access functions:

QWinTaskbarProgress *progress() const

window : QWindow *

This property holds the window whose taskbar button is manipulated.

Access functions:

QWindow *window() const
void setWindow(QWindow *window)

Member Function Documentation

QWinTaskbarButton::QWinTaskbarButton(QObject *parent = Q_NULLPTR)

Constructs a QWinTaskbarButton with the specified parent.

If parent is an instance of QWindow, it is automatically assigned as the taskbar button's window.


Destroys the QWinTaskbarButton.

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