QAbstractOAuthReplyHandler Class

Handles replies to OAuth authentication requests More...

Header: #include <QAbstractOAuthReplyHandler>
qmake: QT += networkauth
Since: Qt 5.8
Inherits: QObject

Public Functions

QAbstractOAuthReplyHandler(QObject *parent = nullptr)
virtual ~QAbstractOAuthReplyHandler()
virtual QString callback() const = 0
  • 32 public functions inherited from QObject

Public Slots

virtual void networkReplyFinished(QNetworkReply *reply) = 0
  • 1 public slot inherited from QObject


void callbackDataReceived(const QByteArray &data)
void callbackReceived(const QVariantMap &values)
void replyDataReceived(const QByteArray &data)
void tokensReceived(const QVariantMap &tokens)

Protected Functions

QAbstractOAuthReplyHandler(QObjectPrivate &d, QObject *parent = nullptr)
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Additional Inherited Members

  • 1 property inherited from QObject
  • 11 static public members inherited from QObject

Detailed Description

Handles replies to OAuth authentication requests

The QAbstractOAuthReplyHandler class handles the answers to all OAuth authentication requests

Member Function Documentation

QAbstractOAuthReplyHandler::QAbstractOAuthReplyHandler(QObject *parent = nullptr)

Default constructs an instance of QAbstractOAuthReplyHandler.

[protected] QAbstractOAuthReplyHandler::QAbstractOAuthReplyHandler(QObjectPrivate &d, QObject *parent = nullptr)

Default constructs an instance of QAbstractOAuthReplyHandler.

[virtual] QAbstractOAuthReplyHandler::~QAbstractOAuthReplyHandler()

Destroys the instance of QAbstractOAuthReplyHandler. The destructor is virtual.

[pure virtual] QString QAbstractOAuthReplyHandler::callback() const

[signal] void QAbstractOAuthReplyHandler::callbackDataReceived(const QByteArray &data)

[signal] void QAbstractOAuthReplyHandler::callbackReceived(const QVariantMap &values)

[pure virtual slot] void QAbstractOAuthReplyHandler::networkReplyFinished(QNetworkReply *reply)

[signal] void QAbstractOAuthReplyHandler::replyDataReceived(const QByteArray &data)

[signal] void QAbstractOAuthReplyHandler::tokensReceived(const QVariantMap &tokens)

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