TabWidget QML Type

A widget that places its children as tabs More...

Import Statement: import UIComponents 1.0



Detailed Description

A TabWidget places its children as tabs in a view. Selecting a tab involves selecting the tab at the top.

The TabWidget component is part of the UI Components module.

This documentation is part of the UIComponents example.

Adding Tabs

To add a tab, declare the tab as a child of the TabWidget.

TabWidget {
    id: tabwidget

    Rectangle {
        id: tab1
        color: "red"
        //... omitted
    Rectangle {
        id: tab2
        color: "blue"
        //... omitted


Property Documentation

current : int

The currently active tab in the TabWidget.

[read-only] sampleReadOnlyProperty : int

A sample read-only property. A contrived property to demonstrate QDoc's ability to detect read-only properties.

The signature is:

readonly property int sampleReadOnlyProperty: 0

Note that the property must be initialized to a value.

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