QComputeCommand Class


QComponent to issue work for the compute shader on GPU More...

Header: #include <QComputeCommand>
qmake: QT += 3drender
Since: Qt 5.7
Instantiated By: ComputeCommand
Inherits: Qt3DCore::QComponent


Public Functions

QComputeCommand(Qt3DCore::QNode *parent = nullptr)
int workGroupX() const
int workGroupY() const
int workGroupZ() const

Public Slots

void setWorkGroupX(int workGroupX)
void setWorkGroupY(int workGroupY)
void setWorkGroupZ(int workGroupZ)


Additional Inherited Members

  • 11 static public members inherited from QObject
  • 2 protected functions inherited from Qt3DCore::QNode
  • 9 protected functions inherited from QObject

Detailed Description

QComponent to issue work for the compute shader on GPU

A Qt3DRender::QComputeCommand is used to issue work for the compute shader. The compute shader is specified in the QMaterial component of the same entity the QComputeCommand is added to. The workGroupX, workGroupY and workGroupZ properties specify the work group sizes for the compute shader invocation. Qt3DRender::QDispatchCompute node needs to be present in the FrameGraph to actually issue the commands.

Note: If the rendering policy is set to Qt3DRender::QRenderSettings::OnDemand and there are no changes to the scene, the ComputeCommand will not be invoked repeatedly. The Qt3DRender::QRenderSettings::Always render policy must be set for the ComputeCommand to be repeatedly invoked if there are no other changes to the scene that triggers rendering a new frame.

Property Documentation

workGroupX : int

Specifies X workgroup size.

Access functions:

int workGroupX() const
void setWorkGroupX(int workGroupX)

Notifier signal:

void workGroupXChanged()

workGroupY : int

Specifies Y workgroup size.

Access functions:

int workGroupY() const
void setWorkGroupY(int workGroupY)

Notifier signal:

void workGroupYChanged()

workGroupZ : int

Specifies Z workgroup size.

Access functions:

int workGroupZ() const
void setWorkGroupZ(int workGroupZ)

Notifier signal:

void workGroupZChanged()

Member Function Documentation

QComputeCommand::QComputeCommand(Qt3DCore::QNode *parent = nullptr)

The constructor creates a new Qt3DRender::QComputeCommand instance with the specified parent.

[slot] void QComputeCommand::setWorkGroupX(int workGroupX)

Sets the workgroup for the first dimension to workGroupX.

Note: Setter function for property workGroupX.

See also workGroupX().

[slot] void QComputeCommand::setWorkGroupY(int workGroupY)

Sets the workgroup for the second dimension to workGroupY.

Note: Setter function for property workGroupY.

See also workGroupY().

[slot] void QComputeCommand::setWorkGroupZ(int workGroupZ)

Sets the workgroup for the third dimension to workGroupZ.

Note: Setter function for property workGroupZ.

See also workGroupZ().

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