graphmodifier.h Example File

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#ifndef GRAPHMODIFIER_H #define GRAPHMODIFIER_H #include <QtDataVisualization/q3dbars.h> #include <QtDataVisualization/qbardataproxy.h> #include <QtDataVisualization/qabstract3dseries.h> #include <QtGui/QFont> #include <QtCore/QDebug> #include <QtCore/QStringList> #include <QtCore/QPointer> #include <QtCore/QPropertyAnimation> using namespace QtDataVisualization; class GraphModifier : public QObject { Q_OBJECT public: explicit GraphModifier(Q3DBars *bargraph); ~GraphModifier(); void resetTemperatureData(); void changePresetCamera(); void changeLabelBackground(); void changeFont(const QFont &font); void changeFontSize(int fontsize); void rotateX(int rotation); void rotateY(int rotation); void setBackgroundEnabled(int enabled); void setGridEnabled(int enabled); void setSmoothBars(int smooth); void setSeriesVisibility(int enabled); void setReverseValueAxis(int enabled); void setReflection(bool enabled); public Q_SLOTS: void changeRange(int range); void changeStyle(int style); void changeSelectionMode(int selectionMode); void changeTheme(int theme); void changeShadowQuality(int quality); void shadowQualityUpdatedByVisual(QAbstract3DGraph::ShadowQuality shadowQuality); void changeLabelRotation(int rotation); void setAxisTitleVisibility(bool enabled); void setAxisTitleFixed(bool enabled); void zoomToSelectedBar(); Q_SIGNALS: void shadowQualityChanged(int quality); void backgroundEnabledChanged(bool enabled); void gridEnabledChanged(bool enabled); void fontChanged(QFont font); void fontSizeChanged(int size); private: Q3DBars *m_graph; float m_xRotation; float m_yRotation; int m_fontSize; int m_segments; int m_subSegments; float m_minval; float m_maxval; QStringList m_months; QStringList m_years; QValue3DAxis *m_temperatureAxis; QCategory3DAxis *m_yearAxis; QCategory3DAxis *m_monthAxis; QBar3DSeries *m_primarySeries; QBar3DSeries *m_secondarySeries; QAbstract3DSeries::Mesh m_barMesh; bool m_smooth; QPropertyAnimation m_animationCameraX; QPropertyAnimation m_animationCameraY; QPropertyAnimation m_animationCameraZoom; QPropertyAnimation m_animationCameraTarget; float m_defaultAngleX; float m_defaultAngleY; float m_defaultZoom; QVector3D m_defaultTarget; }; #endif

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