peerwireclient.h Example File

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#ifndef PEERWIRECLIENT_H #define PEERWIRECLIENT_H #include <QBitArray> #include <QList> #include <QTcpSocket> class QHostAddress; class QTimerEvent; class TorrentPeer; struct TorrentBlock { inline TorrentBlock(int p, int o, int l) : pieceIndex(p), offset(o), length(l) { } inline bool operator==(const TorrentBlock &other) const { return pieceIndex == other.pieceIndex && offset == other.offset && length == other.length; } int pieceIndex; int offset; int length; }; class PeerWireClient : public QTcpSocket { Q_OBJECT public: enum PeerWireStateFlag { ChokingPeer = 0x1, InterestedInPeer = 0x2, ChokedByPeer = 0x4, PeerIsInterested = 0x8 }; Q_DECLARE_FLAGS(PeerWireState, PeerWireStateFlag) explicit PeerWireClient(const QByteArray &peerId, QObject *parent = 0); void initialize(const QByteArray &infoHash, int pieceCount); void setPeer(TorrentPeer *peer); TorrentPeer *peer() const; // State inline PeerWireState peerWireState() const { return pwState; } QBitArray availablePieces() const; QList<TorrentBlock> incomingBlocks() const; // Protocol void chokePeer(); void unchokePeer(); void sendInterested(); void sendKeepAlive(); void sendNotInterested(); void sendPieceNotification(int piece); void sendPieceList(const QBitArray &bitField); void requestBlock(int piece, int offset, int length); void cancelRequest(int piece, int offset, int length); void sendBlock(int piece, int offset, const QByteArray &data); // Rate control qint64 writeToSocket(qint64 bytes); qint64 readFromSocket(qint64 bytes); qint64 downloadSpeed() const; qint64 uploadSpeed() const; bool canTransferMore() const; qint64 bytesAvailable() const override { return incomingBuffer.size() + QTcpSocket::bytesAvailable(); } qint64 socketBytesAvailable() const { return socket.bytesAvailable(); } qint64 socketBytesToWrite() const { return socket.bytesToWrite(); } void setReadBufferSize(qint64 size) override; void connectToHost(const QHostAddress &address, quint16 port, OpenMode openMode = ReadWrite) override; void diconnectFromHost(); signals: void infoHashReceived(const QByteArray &infoHash); void readyToTransfer(); void choked(); void unchoked(); void interested(); void notInterested(); void piecesAvailable(const QBitArray &pieces); void blockRequested(int pieceIndex, int begin, int length); void blockReceived(int pieceIndex, int begin, const QByteArray &data); void bytesReceived(qint64 size); protected: void timerEvent(QTimerEvent *event) override; qint64 readData(char *data, qint64 maxlen) override; qint64 readLineData(char *data, qint64 maxlen) override; qint64 writeData(const char *data, qint64 len) override; private slots: void sendHandShake(); void processIncomingData(); void socketStateChanged(QAbstractSocket::SocketState state); private: // Data waiting to be read/written QByteArray incomingBuffer; QByteArray outgoingBuffer; struct BlockInfo { int pieceIndex; int offset; int length; QByteArray block; }; QList<BlockInfo> pendingBlocks; int pendingBlockSizes; QList<TorrentBlock> incoming; enum PacketType { ChokePacket = 0, UnchokePacket = 1, InterestedPacket = 2, NotInterestedPacket = 3, HavePacket = 4, BitFieldPacket = 5, RequestPacket = 6, PiecePacket = 7, CancelPacket = 8 }; // State PeerWireState pwState; bool receivedHandShake; bool gotPeerId; bool sentHandShake; int nextPacketLength; // Upload/download speed records qint64 uploadSpeedData[8]; qint64 downloadSpeedData[8]; int transferSpeedTimer; // Timeout handling int timeoutTimer; int pendingRequestTimer; bool invalidateTimeout; int keepAliveTimer; // Checksum, peer ID and set of available pieces QByteArray infoHash; QByteArray peerIdString; QBitArray peerPieces; TorrentPeer *torrentPeer; QTcpSocket socket; }; Q_DECLARE_OPERATORS_FOR_FLAGS(PeerWireClient::PeerWireState) #endif

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