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#ifndef TORRENTCLIENT_H #define TORRENTCLIENT_H #include <QBitArray> #include <QHostAddress> #include <QList> class MetaInfo; class PeerWireClient; class TorrentClientPrivate; class TorrentPeer; class TorrentPiece; class QTimerEvent; class TorrentPeer { public: QHostAddress address; quint16 port; QString id; bool interesting; bool seed; uint lastVisited; uint connectStart; uint connectTime; QBitArray pieces; int numCompletedPieces; inline bool operator==(const TorrentPeer &other) { return port == other.port && address == other.address && id ==; } }; class TorrentClient : public QObject { Q_OBJECT public: enum State { Idle, Paused, Stopping, Preparing, Searching, Connecting, WarmingUp, Downloading, Endgame, Seeding }; enum Error { UnknownError, TorrentParseError, InvalidTrackerError, FileError, ServerError }; TorrentClient(QObject *parent = 0); ~TorrentClient(); bool setTorrent(const QString &fileName); bool setTorrent(const QByteArray &torrentData); MetaInfo metaInfo() const; void setMaxConnections(int connections); int maxConnections() const; void setDestinationFolder(const QString &directory); QString destinationFolder() const; void setDumpedState(const QByteArray &dumpedState); QByteArray dumpedState() const; // Progress and stats for download feedback. qint64 progress() const; void setDownloadedBytes(qint64 bytes); qint64 downloadedBytes() const; void setUploadedBytes(qint64 bytes); qint64 uploadedBytes() const; int connectedPeerCount() const; int seedCount() const; // Accessors for the tracker QByteArray peerId() const; QByteArray infoHash() const; quint16 serverPort() const; // State and error. State state() const; QString stateString() const; Error error() const; QString errorString() const; signals: void stateChanged(TorrentClient::State state); void error(TorrentClient::Error error); void downloadCompleted(); void peerInfoUpdated(); void dataSent(int uploadedBytes); void dataReceived(int downloadedBytes); void progressUpdated(int percentProgress); void downloadRateUpdated(int bytesPerSecond); void uploadRateUpdated(int bytesPerSecond); void stopped(); public slots: void start(); void stop(); void setPaused(bool paused); void setupIncomingConnection(PeerWireClient *client); protected slots: void timerEvent(QTimerEvent *event) override; private slots: // File management void sendToPeer(int readId, int pieceIndex, int begin, const QByteArray &data); void fullVerificationDone(); void pieceVerified(int pieceIndex, bool ok); void handleFileError(); // Connection handling void connectToPeers(); QList<TorrentPeer *> weighedFreePeers() const; void setupOutgoingConnection(); void initializeConnection(PeerWireClient *client); void removeClient(); void peerPiecesAvailable(const QBitArray &pieces); void peerRequestsBlock(int pieceIndex, int begin, int length); void blockReceived(int pieceIndex, int begin, const QByteArray &data); void peerWireBytesWritten(qint64 bytes); void peerWireBytesReceived(qint64 bytes); int blocksLeftForPiece(const TorrentPiece *piece) const; // Scheduling void scheduleUploads(); void scheduleDownloads(); void schedulePieceForClient(PeerWireClient *client); void requestMore(PeerWireClient *client); int requestBlocks(PeerWireClient *client, TorrentPiece *piece, int maxBlocks); void peerChoked(); void peerUnchoked(); // Tracker handling void addToPeerList(const QList<TorrentPeer> &peerList); void trackerStopped(); // Progress void updateProgress(int progress = -1); private: TorrentClientPrivate *d; friend class TorrentClientPrivate; }; #endif

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