QVoice Class

The QVoice class allows to set and retrieve values of a particular voice More...

Header: #include <QVoice>
qmake: QT += texttospeech

Public Types

enum Age { Child, Teenager, Adult, Senior, Other }
enum Gender { Male, Female, Unknown }

Public Functions

QVoice(const QVoice &other)
Age age() const
Gender gender() const
QString name() const
bool operator!=(const QVoice &other)
void operator=(const QVoice &other)
bool operator==(const QVoice &other)

Static Public Members

QString ageName(QVoice::Age age)
QString genderName(QVoice::Gender gender)

Detailed Description

The QVoice class allows to set and retrieve values of a particular voice

Member Type Documentation

enum QVoice::Age

enum QVoice::Gender

Member Function Documentation


Default constructs an instance of QVoice.

QVoice::QVoice(const QVoice &other)

Copy constructor.


Destroys the instance of QVoice.

Age QVoice::age() const

Returns the age of a voice

[static] QString QVoice::ageName(QVoice::Age age)

Returns the age class of a voice

Gender QVoice::gender() const

Returns the gender of a voice

[static] QString QVoice::genderName(QVoice::Gender gender)

̈́ Returns the gender name of a voice

QString QVoice::name() const

Returns the name of a voice

bool QVoice::operator!=(const QVoice &other)

void QVoice::operator=(const QVoice &other)

Copy-assignment operator.

bool QVoice::operator==(const QVoice &other)

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