NodeId QML Type

Specifies a node by an identifier. More...

Import Statement: import QtOpcUa .
Since: QtOpcUa 5.12



Detailed Description

import QtOpcUa 5.13 as QtOpcUa

QtOpcUa.NodeId {
    identifier: "s=Example.Node"
    ns: "Example Namespace"

Property Documentation

identifier : string

Identifer of the node. The identifier has to be given in one of the followig types.

Opaque (base64)b=UXQgZnR3IQ==

It is possible but not recommended to include the namespace index ns=X;s=.... In this case the given namespace index is internally stripped off the identifier and set to the namespace property.

ns : string

Namespace of the node identifier. The identifier can be the index as a number or the name as string. A string which can be converted to an integer is considered a namespace index.

Signal Documentation


Emitted when the underlying node has changed. This happens when the namespace or identifier has changed.

Note: The corresponding handler is onNodeChanged.

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