QMqttTopicName Class

The QMqttTopicName class represents a MQTT topic name. More...

Header: #include <QMqttTopicName>
qmake: QT += mqtt

Note: All functions in this class are reentrant.

Public Functions

QMqttTopicName(const QMqttTopicName &name)
QMqttTopicName(const QLatin1String &name)
QMqttTopicName(const QString &name = QString())
QMqttTopicName &operator=(const QMqttTopicName &name)
bool isValid() const
int levelCount() const
QStringList levels() const
QString name() const
void setName(const QString &name)
void swap(QMqttTopicName &other)
QDataStream &operator<<(QDataStream &out, const QMqttTopicName &name)
QDataStream &operator>>(QDataStream &in, QMqttTopicName &name)

Detailed Description

QMqttTopicName is a thin wrapper around a QString providing an expressive data type for MQTT topic names. Beside the benefits of having a strong type preventing unintended misuse, QMqttTopicName provides convenient functions related to topic names like isValid() or levels().

See also QMqttTopicFilter.

Member Function Documentation

QMqttTopicName::QMqttTopicName(const QMqttTopicName &name)

Creates a new MQTT topic name as a copy of name.

QMqttTopicName::QMqttTopicName(const QLatin1String &name)

Creates a new MQTT topic name with the specified name.

QMqttTopicName::QMqttTopicName(const QString &name = QString())

Creates a new MQTT topic name with the specified name.

QMqttTopicName &QMqttTopicName::operator=(const QMqttTopicName &name)

Assigns the MQTT topic name name to this object, and returns a reference to the copy.


Destroys the QMqttTopicName object.

bool QMqttTopicName::isValid() const

Returns true if the topic name is valid according to the MQTT standard section 4.7, or false otherwise.

int QMqttTopicName::levelCount() const

Returns the total number of topic levels.

QStringList QMqttTopicName::levels() const

Returns the topic levels.

QString QMqttTopicName::name() const

Returns the topic name.

See also setName().

void QMqttTopicName::setName(const QString &name)

Sets the topic name to name.

See also name().

void QMqttTopicName::swap(QMqttTopicName &other)

Swaps the MQTT topic name other with this MQTT topic name. This operation is very fast and never fails.

Related Non-Members

QDataStream &operator<<(QDataStream &out, const QMqttTopicName &name)

Writes the topic name name to the stream out and returns a reference to the stream.

See also Format of the QDataStream operators.

QDataStream &operator>>(QDataStream &in, QMqttTopicName &name)

Reads a topic name into name from the stream in and returns a reference to the stream.

See also Format of the QDataStream operators.

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