Note: This command is in technology preview and may change in future releases.

Note: This command should only be called if targeting the Android platform.





The androiddeployqt tool expects a deployment settings file as input. This command reads CMake variables and properties of the target to generate such a file in the target's binary directory. Upon return, the full path to this file is available in the target's QT_ANDROID_DEPLOYMENT_SETTINGS_FILE property.

CMake Variables

A number of variables are used while generating the deployment settings file. Some are provided by Qt, others by CMake or the Android NDK.

Target Properties

The properties below will be read from the specified target. Note that this command is called as part of target finalization (see qt_finalize_executable()). If you are using qt_add_executable() to create the target and you need to modify some of these target properties, you need to ensure that target finalization is deferred. See qt_add_executable() for how to accomplish this.

Upon return, the QT_ANDROID_DEPLOYMENT_SETTINGS_FILE target property will contain the location of the generated deployment settings file.



See also qt_android_add_apk_target() and qt_finalize_executable().

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