Managing Resources

To add news resources, you must first create a new .qrc file. To do this, open the File|New|Other... dialog, select the Qt Resource File item from the Qt folder, and click Next. The newly created .qrc file will be displayed inside Eclipse.

Screenshot of the Integrated Qt Resource Editor

At that point, the .qrc file only contains a prefix called /new/prefix1. You can add resources under that prefix by clicking Add. When referring to the resources later on from Qt code, you must prepend the prefix the file name and prepend a colon (e.g., :/new/prefix1/print.bmp). For adding a new prefix, click on the arrow on the Add button and select Add Prefix. Both, the name of the prefix and the alias name of a resource can be changed with the line edits below the resource view.

See Qt Resource System for more information.

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