Platform Notes - IRIX

Platform Notes - IRIX

Unpackaging: IRIX tar cannot be used to unpack Qt snapshots.

Because of long filenames some files will be cut off incorrectly with IRIX tar. Please use GNU tar to unpack Qt snapshots.

gcc 2.95.*: Segmentation faults when running applications linked against libGLU.

Due to an incompatibility issue between the GNU C++ library (libstdc++) and the SGI C++ library (libC, which libGLU is linked against), applications that link against both these libraries will segfault before main() is entered. To resolve this issue you will have to remove the dependency to one of the C++ libraries. One simple solution is to remove libGLU from the link line if it is not used. Do this by removing -lGLU from SYSCONF_LIBS_OPENGL in $QTDIR/configs/irix-g++-* for Qt 2.3.x, and from QMAKE_LIBS_OPENGL in $QTDIR/mkspecs/irix-g++/qmake.conf for Qt 3.x. Note that this issue has been resolved in gcc 3.0.2.

Compiling Qt with CC without debugging appears to use a faulty Xlib. If you get segfaults in the XCreateIC() function or similar, turn off XIM support by adding -DNO_XIM to the "SYSCONF_CXXFLAGS_QT" line in the config file you are using (qt/configs/irix-XXXX) for Qt 2.3.x and to the QMAKE_CXXFLAGS line in $QTDIR/mkspecs/irix-g++/qmake.conf for Qt 3.x; then do a make clean / configure / make.

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