Platform Notes - Linux

Platform Notes - Linux

There are no known problems with using Qt on production versions of Linux/x86. We do our Unix development mainly on Linux/x86.

Red Hat 7.0 ships with a development snapshot of the GCC and the GNU C library. Both have problems. Upgrade to gcc 2.96-69 or better and glibc 2.2-9 or better.

Qt users have reported success on linux/sparc and mklinux as well. Note that gcc 2.7.2 and egcs 1.0.2 cannot compile Qt on PowerPC processors with optimization turned on; removing -O2 from the main Makefile works around the bugs in the compilers.

There have been various reports about problems with GNU libc on Linux/x86 which seem to indicate that it has some problems with C++ libraries. (These reports are now old. We still do not know precisely what version of glibc fixed it.)

For the gcc/g++/egcs compiler, please also see the relevant compiler page.

Some versions of the Enlightenment window manager has a bug that can cause some windows of Qt applications to not appear. Fix by upgrading Enlightenment or using another window manager.

Installation problems

See also the Installation FAQ!

Problems relating to installing new Qt Open Source Edition Versions

Try to use the Qt Open Source Edition archives (e.g. RPM) provided by your Linux provider. If you need to install the source (.tgz) archive, be aware that you will probably end up with two different versions of the Qt library installed on your system, which will probably lead to link errors, like this: undefined reference to `_vt.11QPushButton' etc. Fix by removing the old version.

If you have problems installing a Qt Open Source Edition Linux archive (e.g. RPM), please consult your Linux provider (who made it), not us.

Installation fails with $QTDIR must be set to $PWD

First, make sure that you have done the steps described in INSTALL correctly, and that giving the command 'echo $QTDIR' correctly reports the directory where you have installed Qt. If this doesn't help, try editing the file qt/propagate and remove the first block of lines.


Some RPM versions has problems installing some of the Qt RPM archives. Installing stops with an error message saying about "Failed Dependency". Use the --nodeps option to rpm to workaround this problem.

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