Qt 3 Platform Notes - Solaris

Qt 3 Platform Notes - Solaris

GCC 3.2.* on Solaris

Please do not use these compilers with Qt-3.3.*. Qt will compile, but an optimizer bug will cause the resulting binaries to hang.

CC on Solaris

Be sure to check our Forte Developer / Sun Studio notes.

GCC on Solaris

Be sure to check the installation notes for GCC on Solaris. Do not use GCC with Sun's assembler/linker, this will result in link-time errors in shared libraries. Use GNU binutils instead.

GCC 2.95.* / GCC 3.* on Solaris

gives compilation error ANSI C++ forbids declaration ... with no type on systems with old X11 header files. This is fixed by patches 108652-24 on Solaris 8, 108376-21 on Solaris 7, and 105633-56 on Solaris 2.6.

Alternatively, on Qt 2 you may change files configs/solaris-g++-* from

	SYSCONF_CXXFLAGS_X11       = -I/usr/openwin/include
	SYSCONF_CXXFLAGS_X11       = -isystem /usr/openwin/include
before issuing a new configure command.

GNU binutils on Solaris

GNU binutils 2.13 are broken on Solaris, use GNU binutils 2.13.1 or better.

Solaris 2.6

A crash on resize of widgets example has been reported, but not reproduced. Patch 105633-21 is reported to solve the problem. We are interested in hearing more details from anyone who can reproduce and track this problem closer.

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