Platform Notes - Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows NT

Platform Notes - Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows NT


If you are using tmake to generate Visual Studio project (.dsp) files, note that tmake 1.3 fails to include the imm32 library. Upgrade to a recent version of tmake or add the line "LIBS += imm32.lib" to your .pro file. (Prefix the line with "win32:" if you are using the same .pro file on Windows and Unix).


If you experience problems using QByteArray, e.g. you get memory violations inside of QByteArray::resize(), define DONT_USE_REALLOC for qbytearray.cpp. Read here for more information.

Installation location

Installing Qt into a directory with spaces, e.g. C:\Program Files, may cause linker errors like c:\program.obj not found. Install Qt into a subdirectory without spaces.

Services on Windows NT/2000/XP

A service written with Qt using the Qt DLL might block the use of the same Qt DLL in an application. This only happens if the Qt DLL links against OpenGL, and depends on the graphics hardware; the problem disappears when using Qt without OpenGL support (this might require different copies of the Qt DLL for services and applications).

Building Qt 2 with JPEG Support

Qt 2.x does not include the jpeg library, so if you wish to enable jpeg support for your applications, then perform the following steps:

Matrox Millenium G400 AGP Video Card

If you experience some drawing errors then try downloading the new drivers as there is a problem with some versions of the drivers for this card.

AccelGALAXY graphic card

When you use a NT 4.0 machine with the driver number 4,00,1381,1000,021,4.0.0 there is a problem with drag an drop and icons. The computer freezes, and you have to reset. The problem disappears with the newest version of the driver, available at

Possible GL conflict

There is a known issue with running Microsoft NetMeeting, Lotus SameTime and other applications that require screen grabbing while direct rendering is enabled. Other GL-applications may not work as expected, unless direct rendering is disabled.

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