DataInput QML Type

Control type for data inputs in a Qt 3D Studio presentation. More...

Import Statement: import QtStudio3D 1.0
Since: QtStudio3D 1.1


Detailed Description

This type is a convenience type for controlling a data input in a presentation.

See also Studio3D and Qml Presentation.

Property Documentation

name : string

Specifies the name of the controlled data input element in the presentation. This property must be set as part of DataInput declaration.

value : variant

Specifies the value of the controlled data input element in the presentation. The changes to the value property are queued and handled asynchronously before the next frame is displayed.

The value of this property only accounts for changes done via the same DataInput instance. If the value of the same data input in the presentation is changed elsewhere, for example via presentation scripting, those changes are not reflected in the value of this property. Due to this uncertainty, this property treats all value sets as changes even if the newly set value is the same value as the previous value.

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