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Control type for elements in a Qt 3D Studio presentation. More...

Import Statement: import QtStudio3D 1.0
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Detailed Description

This type is a convenience type for managing a presentation element.

All methods provided by this type are queued and handled asynchronously before the next frame is displayed.

See also Studio3D, Qml Presentation, and SceneElement.

Property Documentation

elementPath : string

Holds the element path of the presentation element. This property must be set as part of Element declaration. You can specify an element of a sub-presentation by adding "SubPresentationId:" in front of the element path, for example "SubPresentationOne:Scene".

Signal Documentation

elementPathChanged(string elementPath)

This signal is emitted when the element path property changes. The new value is provided in the elementPath parameter.

The corresponding handler is onElementPathChanged.

Method Documentation

void fireEvent(string eventName)

Dispatches an event with eventName on the element specified by this instance. Appropriate actions created in Qt 3D Studio or callbacks registered using the registerForEvent() method in attached scripts will be executed in response to the event.

void setAttribute(string attributeName, variant value)

Sets the value of an attribute on an element specified by this instance. The attributeName is the scripting name of the attribute.

The attribute must be preserved for scripting to be set by this function, or else it will fail. An attribute is preserved if it is either animated, or an attribute on a master element that is unlinked and changed per-slide.

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