QmlStream QML Type

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Import Statement: import QtStudio3D 1.0


Detailed Description

This type allows attaching QML sub-presentation with a quick item. The item is rendered to a texture and used as a part of a Qt 3D Studio presentation.

The sub-presentation element must be specified in the assets element of the presentation .uia file:

<assets ...>
    <presentation-qml id="presentation-id" args="preview-presentation.qml" />

The presentation-id attribute must contain a unique ID of the sub-presentation. The args attribute may contain an optional preview version of the item, which is only used in the Viewer application.

Property Documentation

item : Item

Holds the item attached to the sub-presentation. The item size is used as the the size of the texture the item is rendered to. Default values (256, 256) are used if the item doesn't specify a size.

presentationId : string

Holds the string ID of the sub-presentation the item is attached to. The id must be one of the presentation-qml IDs specified in the .uia file.

Available under certain Qt licenses.
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