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  • Open... - Open a .uip presentation or .uia application file to view.
  • Connect... - Show connection dialog to set up remote deployment connection.
  • Reload - Restart the presentation/application from the beginning.
  • Quit - Quit the Viewer.


  • Show Matte - Toggle the display of any letterboxed regions (areas outside the initial presentation) as a gray matte. When disabled, the clear color for the initial presentation is displayed instead.
  • Scale Mode - Override the scale mode set by the application:

  • Show Render Statistics - Display debug information on top of the viewer with information for recent average frame rate/frame time.
  • Full Screen - Remove the window for the viewer and use the full screen for the application. (Whether or not the initial presentation fills the screen or not depends on the presentation size and the scale mode, which is set via the application scale mode setting, or Viewer override command (see Scale Mode above).

Available under certain Qt licenses.
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