Q3DSSubPresentationSettings Class

Settings for subpresentations. More...

Header: #include <Q3DSSubPresentationSettings>
Since: Qt 3D Studio 2.0
Instantiated By: SubPresentationSettings
Inherits: QObject


  • qmlStreams : const QQmlListProperty<Q3DSQmlStream>
  • 1 property inherited from QObject

Public Functions

Q3DSSubPresentationSettings(QObject *parent = nullptr)
virtual ~Q3DSSubPresentationSettings()
QQmlListProperty<Q3DSQmlStream> qmlStreams()
QList<Q3DSQmlStream *> qmlStreamsList()
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Static Public Members

const QMetaObject staticMetaObject
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Additional Inherited Members

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Detailed Description

Settings for subpresentations.

See also Q3DSPresentation and Q3DSQmlStream.

Property Documentation

qmlStreams : const QQmlListProperty<Q3DSQmlStream>

Contains the QML streams to be used as subpresentations.

Access functions:

QQmlListProperty<Q3DSQmlStream> qmlStreams()

Member Function Documentation

Q3DSSubPresentationSettings::Q3DSSubPresentationSettings(QObject *parent = nullptr)

Default constructs an instance of Q3DSSubPresentationSettings.

[virtual] Q3DSSubPresentationSettings::~Q3DSSubPresentationSettings()

Destroys the instance of Q3DSSubPresentationSettings. The destructor is virtual.

QList<Q3DSQmlStream *> Q3DSSubPresentationSettings::qmlStreamsList()

Returns the list of QML streams to be used as subpresentations.

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