Viewer: Command Line Usage

The Qt 3D Studio Viewer supports launching a specific presentation or waiting for incoming connections with a presentation sent remotely.


Qt3DViewer [options] [presentation file]

When no filename is given, the viewer is launched in remote connection mode.

The following command line options are supported:

-?, -h, --helpDisplays help for command line usage.
-f, --fullscreenStarts the viewer in fullscreen mode.
-w, --no-main-windowDisables the widget-based user interface, such as the menu bar. This mode simulates the operating mode typical on embedded devices: using a Qt platform plugin like eglfs, there will only be a single, fullscreen QWindow (or, with Qt Quick applications, QQuickWindow or QQuickView) present. This argument achieves the same even when running on a desktop operating system. Combined with -f (going fullscreen) this allows seeing the presentation in real full screen (no menu bar).
-p, --no-profileLoads the presentation with some profiling options disabled. This provides minimal performance improvements.
--port <port_number>Sets the port on which the viewer listens for remote connections. The remote connection mode is active either when launching with no presentation file specified, or when choosing File > Remote Setup.

Available under certain Qt licenses.
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