ViewerSettings QML Type

Qt 3D Studio presentation viewer settings. More...

Import Statement: import QtStudio3D 2.4
Instantiates: Q3DSViewerSettings


Detailed Description

This type provides properties to define presentation independent viewer settings.

Note: ViewerSettings are only applicable when Studio3D is used in the default mode, showing the final, composed image from the Qt 3D Studio renderer. ViewerSettings has no effect when using View3D items to render layers individually.

See also Studio3D.

Property Documentation

matteColor : QColor

Specifies the matte color.

matteEnabled : bool

Specifies if the empty area around the presentation (applicable when scaleMode is set to ScaleModeCenter or ScaleModeFit) should be filled with a custom color.

The default value is false.

scaleMode : enumeration

Specifies the scaling mode. The default value is ScaleModeFill where the size of the presentation on-screen follows and fills the size of the output area (the window, the screen, or the area occupied by the Studio3D element).

During the design phase it can be valuable to see the presentation with some other scaling approach. For example, the Qt 3D Studio Viewer application uses ScaleModeCenter by default.

ScaleModeFitScales the presentation to fit the output area.
ScaleModeFillScales the presentation to completely fill the output area.
ScaleModeCenterCenters the presentation in the output area without scaling it.

The default value is ScaleModeFill.

showRenderStats : bool

If this property is set to true, the interactive statistics and profile view is displayed in-scene, on top of the 3D content.

Note: this feature can be disabled at build time, in which case this property has no effect.

The default value is false.

stereoEyeSeparation : float

Specifies the eye (camera) separation of stereo rendering. Value is the amount left and right eye cameras move in x-coordinate away from center. Bigger separation increases the 3D effect. This value should be set to match the presentation's dimensions.

This has only effect when stereo mode is set to something else than the default StereoModeMono.

The default value is 0.4.

This property was introduced in Qt 3D Studio 2.3.

stereoMode : enumeration

Specifies the stereo mode. The default value is StereoModeMono where the view is rendered normally, suitable for 2D displays.

Other available modes target different 3D stereo rendering types.

StereoModeMonoRenders the view normally in mono. This is the default.
StereoModeTopBottomRenders view in 3D top-bottom mode.
StereoModeLeftRightRenders view in 3D left-right mode.
StereoModeAnaglyphRedCyanRenders view in 3D anaglyph red-cyan mode.
StereoModeAnaglyphGreenMagentaRenders view in 3D anaglyph green-magenta mode.

The default value is StereoModeMono.

This property was introduced in Qt 3D Studio 2.3.

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