NetworkInterface QML Type

Represents a network interface. More...

Import Statement: import QtDeviceUtilities.NetworkSettings 1.0



Detailed Description

The NetworkInterface QML type represents a network interface attached to the host.

Instances of NetworkInterface cannot be created directly; instead, they can be retrieved via NetworkSettingsManager.

See also NetworkSettingsManager.interfaces.

Property Documentation

[read-only] name : string

Holds the name of the network interface.

powered : bool

Holds whether the network interface is powered on of off.

[read-only] state : enumeration

Holds the state of the network interface.

Possible values:

NetworkSettingsState.FailureFailed to connect
NetworkSettingsState.AssociationAuthentication in progress
NetworkSettingsState.ConfigurationConfiguration in progress
NetworkSettingsState.ReadyConnected to a network
NetworkSettingsState.DisconnectDisconnected from a network
NetworkSettingsState.OnlineOnline (acquired an IP address)
NetworkSettingsState.UndefinedUndefined state.

[read-only] type : enumeration

Holds the type of the network interface.

Possible values:

NetworkSettingsType.WiredWired network
NetworkSettingsType.WifiWifi network
NetworkSettingsType.BluetoothBluetooth network
NetworkSettingsType.UnknownUnknown network type

Method Documentation

void scanServices()

Initiates a scan for network interface services.

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