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AbstractDialFilter Class Reference

The AbstractDialFilter class provides an interface for dial sequence filters. More...

    #include <AbstractDialFilter>

Inherits QObject.

Inherited by GSMDialFilter.

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Detailed Description

The AbstractDialFilter class provides an interface for dial sequence filters.

Dial filter allow the preprocessing of dial sequences. A GSM/3G device may use a filter to process key commands based on e.g. 3GPP TS 22.030 whereas a normal land line phone may need to play a dialtone for an outside line.

Dial related user interfaces should use defaultFilter() to access the filter. The default filter can be initialised by setting the DialFilter/Default key in the Trolltech/Phone configuration file. If this setting is missing defaultFilter() will return 0.

This class is part of the Qt Extended server and cannot be used by other Qt Extended applications.

See also GSMDialFilter.

Member Type Documentation

enum AbstractDialFilter::Action

This enum returns the type of action taken as a result of the filter matching.

AbstractDialFilter::Reject0Reject the call because it has been blocked.
AbstractDialFilter::Continue1Continue the dial sequence.
AbstractDialFilter::DialIfNoMoreDigits2The number should be dialed if the user does not type any more digits within a reasonable timeout period.
AbstractDialFilter::Dialtone3Generate a dialtone for an outside line.
AbstractDialFilter::DialImmediately4Immediately dial the number
AbstractDialFilter::ActionTaken5The filter has taken action and does not require any action by the calling party anymore.

Member Function Documentation

AbstractDialFilter * AbstractDialFilter::defaultFilter ()   [static]

Returns the default dial filter or 0 if none is set. filteringRequired() should be tested before using the returned filter.

AbstractDialFilter::Action AbstractDialFilter::filterInput ( const QString & input, bool sendPressed = false, bool takeNoAction = false )   [pure virtual]

The function returns the result of filtering the given input. sendPressed indicates whether input was followed by the SEND function. Usually the SEND function is represented by the call button on the keypad.

Some dial strings can trigger immediate actions by the dial filter. Usually such a call would return AbstractDialFilter::ActionTaken. If takeNoAction is true the filter will not perform those immediate actions. This may be necessary if the caller intends to just test whether an action would be performed by the filter. sendPressed is ignored if takeNoAction is true.

QByteArray AbstractDialFilter::type () const   [pure virtual]

Returns the filter type.

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