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Advanced Widgets

These classes provide more complex user interface widgets (controls).

QColorButtonAllows users to select a color
QCalendarWidgetMonthly based calendar widget allowing the user to select a date
QColumnViewModel/view implementation of a column view
QDataWidgetMapperMapping between a section of a data model to widgets
QDesktopWidgetAccess to screen information on multi-head systems
QListViewList or icon view onto a model
QTableViewDefault model/view implementation of a table view
QTreeViewDefault model/view implementation of a tree view
QUndoViewDisplays the contents of a QUndoStack
QWSEmbedWidgetEnabels embedded top-level widgets in Qt for Embedded Linux
QWebViewWidget that is used to view and edit web documents
QX11EmbedContainerXEmbed container widget
QX11EmbedWidgetXEmbed client widget
Phonon::VideoWidgetWidget that is used to display video

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